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Why You Should Vote

Preserve Your Religious Freedom
Continue our right to worship and publicly express our religious beliefs. There is no freedom of religion when we cannot pray or publicly state our religious beliefs, and when faith symbols are removed from government buildings and public property.
Protect Life

Oppose radical “freedom of choice” legislation and ensure that people of faith are not forced to fund abortions with tax dollars. Respect for all human life is lost when the weak and vulnerable do not have the right to life.

Defend Traditional Marriage
Strengthen the family structure by preserving legal marriage between a man and a woman and preventing taxpayer funding for domestic partner benefits.
Secure Parents' Rights
Give parents the broadest educational options available. Children’s best decision makers are their parents, and parents should be empowered by government, not restricted.

2024 Primary Ballot Referenda Questions Explained

With that in mind, I want to let you know about a couple of binding referenda that will be on everyone’s ballot on the August 13 primary.  These are referenda that will amend our constitution if they pass with a simple majority vote. The state legislature has passed...

April 2nd’s Statewide Referenda Explained

This spring election, April 2, there will be 2 statewide referendums on your ballot. These referendums would amend the Wisconsin Constitution if you vote yes on them. The legislature is attempting to stop a repeat of the “Zuckerbucks” debacle from 2020 with these...

Explanation of Referenda Questions on Spring 2023 Statewide Ballot

REFERENDA QUESTIONS ON WISCONSIN STATEWIDE BALLOT SPRING 2023 – ELECTION DAY, APRIL 4, 2023 The state legislature has approved three (3) referenda questions on the statewide ballot for this spring’s nonpartisan general election. Questions 1 and 2 are “binding”...