This list will be added to over the next several weeks and months as the August 9 primary and the November 8 elections near.
Rebecca Kleefisch
Kevin Nicholson (campaign officially suspended, 7/5/2022)
Lt. Governor
David Varnam
Attorney General
Eric Toney
State Senate
Devin LeMahieu, SD 9
Rachael Cabral-Guevara, SD 19
Brian Westrate, SD 23
Romaine Quinn, SD 25
Cory Tomczyk, SD 29
State Assembly
Milt Swagel, AD 1
Joy Goeben, AD 5
Matthew Albert, AD 6
Dean Neubert, AD 6
Erik Ngutse, AD 13
Bart Williams, AD 32
Jerry O’Connor, AD 52
Ty Bodden, AD 59
Adam Steen, AD 63
Karen Hurd, AD 68
Nik Rettinger, AD 83
Bob Donovan, AD 84
Michael Bub, AD 87
Updated July 26, 2022
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