2024 Bills of Interest

Throughout each legislative session, we watch many specific bills that would affect your family, marriage, religious freedom, and life issues. We promote and lobby in your interest. Take a look at what bills we’ve been tracking this legislative session and what our stance is.

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Legislative Information

Engaging with your government officials is a crucial aspect of civic participation in Wisconsin, and Wisconsin Family Action encourages you to actively voice your values and concerns. When you reach out to your elected representatives, you play an integral role in the democratic process, influencing decisions that impact our lives and community. Familiarize yourself with the issues that matter most to you and your family, and then reach out to you legislators. Remember, your representatives are elected to serve you—they need to hear your voice to effectively represent your interests.

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Action Center/Petitions

Government works best when its citizens are involved. Afterall, the government should work for YOU, representing YOUR values! But they can’t do that if you don’t let them hear your voice. This is where you get involved with specific petitions or alert actions that need your support. See what issues you can lend your voice to. pretium tellus vitae, posuere nulla. Vivamus sed magna rhoncus, pretium tellus vitae, posuere nulla.

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