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Everything is at stake right now. The sanctity of life, religious freedom including the right to openly worship in church, a society governed by law and order, and traditional family values are all under attack in America and hang in the balance as we head toward...

Event on 9/30 in Appleton showcases Wisconsin’s pro-life, pro-family leaders; Churches & Public Policy

Defending Life, Family, and Faith in the Elections How Can Christian Leaders & Churches Impact Public Policy Lawfully? Grand Meridian Hall * 2621 N. Oneida St./Appleton 6:30 p.m. FREE --- OPEN TO THE PUBLIC [googlepdf...

Sex on the school calendar – What all parents/taxpayers need to know

PARENTS BEWARE, is sex on the school calendar in your district? All year long there is a day, week, or sometimes even month set aside to promote sexual ideology. Many public schools advertise and promote these national and international events. When you look at these...

“No right” for gender-confused male students to compete against actual girls

From LifeSite: The US Supreme Court’s decision to write transgenderism into federal nondiscrimination law does not create a right for gender-confused male students to compete against actual girls, the US Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR)...
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