This spring election, April 2, there will be 2 statewide referendums on your ballot. These referendums would amend the Wisconsin Constitution if you vote yes on them. The legislature is attempting to stop a repeat of the “Zuckerbucks” debacle from 2020 with these referendums. Both of them deal with the “Zuckerbucks” issue.

These referenda are the legislature’s only way to get serious election reform done right now. They’ve passed many election reform bills in the last 5-1/2 years, and Evers has vetoed all of them. Amending the constitution is only way to bypass the governor.

Question 1 deals with stopping the outside money from coming in, being requested, or being used to help with any of our elections.

A “Yes” on question 1 means you don’t want a repeat of 2020 and the millions of dollars that came in from liberal organizations and were given to select municipalities: Green Bay, Eau Claire, Kenosha, Milwaukee, and Madison. You don’t want that money coming in, being applied for, or being used in ANY WI municipality.

A “no” on question 1 means you were just fine with the “Zuckerbucks” in 2020 and don’t care if that happens again in WI community/municipality.

Question 2 deals with stopping outside people—unauthorized people—from “helping” with our elections. It would only duly authorized election officials to deal with our elections—in any municipality.

A “yes” on Question 2 means you do not want unauthorized people involved with our elections. Period. You want duly authorized election officials only.

A “no” on Question 2 means you don’t care if outsiders with no official authorization come in and supposedly offer help to election officials.

Be sure to vote in your local elections and for these referendums this Tuesday, APRIL 2.

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