MADISON – On Monday, Wisconsin Family Action, Inc. (WFA) launched a targeted, statewide, multi-media express advocacy campaign to encourage Wisconsin voters to vote in this midterm election.

“Wisconsin is headed in the wrong direction. An alarming increase in crime, our schools encouraging gender confusion, a public education system that is failing our kids, the usurping of parental rights, and the assault on religious freedom are just a few of the issues that are on the ballot this year—issues affecting Wisconsin families,” said Julaine Appling, president of Wisconsin Family Action.  “Our goal is to encourage Wisconsin citizens to get to the polls this November and be a part of the solution to put Wisconsin back on the right track.”

The express advocacy ads educate voters on where candidates stand on these important issues and seek to motivate them to cast their ballots accordingly.

The campaign asks citizens to make sure they are registered and to adopt a plan to vote—via absentee ballot, if absolutely necessary, or early in-person, or day-of at the polls. Educational resources for voters are available on WFA’s Vote Right Wisconsin website.

In addition to the multi-media campaign, Wisconsin Family Action has co-sponsored nearly 30 educational events so far this year, all across Wisconsin to inform, inspire and involve Wisconsinites in their local communities, offering practical ways to make a positive and lasting difference right in their own backyard.

“Our goal is to make sure Wisconsin citizens understand the impact these issues have on our daily lives and to encourage them to dig deeper than the 30-second sound bite some candidates provide with their positions on the issues. These are issues that are actually harming families in Wisconsin, like defunding the police and trampling on parental rights. We want people to cast their votes and to do so with the information they need to make a good choice, a choice that is in line with their values,” said Appling.

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