Wisconsin Family Action issues statement on anarchist group claiming responsibility for attack

MADISON, WI –This past Tuesday, an anarchist group by the name of Jane’s Revenge, claimed responsibility for the Molotov cocktail/arson attack on the Wisconsin Family Action office on Mothers’ Day, Sunday, May 8, 2022. WFA president Julaine Appling has issued the following statement:

“Now that the Madison Police Department has been made aware of who is claiming responsibility for the attack, I expect that they, along with Governor Evers and Attorney General Josh Kaul, will move to prosecute the perpetrators to the very fullest extent of the law. Tolerance cannot be a one-way street, and if we are to preserve a free society, we must always hold accountable those who promise violence against others and their deeply held beliefs. I echo the concerns of many other Wisconsinites who believe as we do, that we should all be able to live out our beliefs without intimidation and violence.

“Let me very clear: WFA will not stop lawfully fighting for the unborn no matter what threats may come.

“We are also releasing a sample of voicemails received at our office voicemail or received on the personal phones of our staff. These voicemails are just a taste of the deluge of threatening and hateful messages we have received at Wisconsin Family Action since the Mothers’ Day arson and vandalism at our office.

“The pro-abortion group claiming responsibility for the firebombing and threatening of our office has publicly called for more violence against pro-life organizations. At Wisconsin Family Action, we believe lawless violence is never the appropriate way to respond to others with whom you don’t agree.

“We are 100% committed to advancing our shared values, to pushing back in a real way, as the law allows, against this violence and to doing so for all Wisconsin citizens and families. What we’ve experienced has not deterred us; it’s emboldened us. The attempts to bully and intimidate us serve as a renewal of our efforts to be bold as we continue to strengthen, preserve, and promote marriage, family, LIFE, and religious freedom.”

Listen to the voicemails HERE.


Wisconsin Family Action is a statewide organization engaged in strengthening, preserving, and promoting marriage, family, life, and religious freedom in Wisconsin.

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MADISON, WI –Early this morning a leftist anarchist group attacked Wisconsin Family Action’s office in Madison, throwing two Molotov cocktails into the office, after breaking windows, and then proceeded to light a fire. The arsonists posted graffiti on the outside of the building near the group’s offices. The message was, “If abortions aren’t safe, then you aren’t either.” Anarchy 1312 took responsibility for the attack, leaving its logo on an outside wall.

Julaine Appling, president of Wisconsin Family Action, issued the following statement:

“While this attack was directly provoked by the leaked draft opinion from the US Supreme Court in the Dobbs case earlier this week, this has far broader implication. Apparently, the tolerance that the left demands is truly a one-way street. Violence has become their answer to everything. This is what happens when leadership is missing or when leadership implies that violence is ok. In 2020, Governor Tony Evers basically looked the other way when violence erupted in Kenosha and Madison. That kind of non-response fosters what happened to us this morning, leaving Wisconsin citizens who disagree with his policies extremely vulnerable to similar violence.

In fact, Governor Evers’s response to today’s incident said nothing about demanding a full investigation and criminal prosecution. He just told his supporters he’d keep supporting abortion.

“But this attack fails to frighten us, and instead steels the resolve of law-abiding, common-sense, every-day folks to stand up and push back. We know today it is Wisconsin Family Action getting Molotov cocktails tossed through broken windows and fires ignited, but tomorrow it could be anyone in our state or another state who is attacked because we disagree with a policy or action, give voice to the voiceless, or stand up for what’s right.

“Americans see through the hypocrisy of the left. The violence needs to stop and stop now. It’s not the answer to any question or any problem. Just because the liberals don’t get their way, doesn’t give them license to threaten bodily harm or to burn and destroy.”

“Wisconsin has had enough of this kind of terror condoned by current state and national leaders. But we are still standing. We still support freedom. We love our republic and care for our neighbors. We will repair our offices, remain on the job, and build an even stronger grassroots effort. We will not back down. We will not stop doing what we are doing. Too much is at stake.”

Wisconsin Family Action is a statewide organization engaged in strengthening, preserving, and promoting marriage, family, life, and religious freedom in Wisconsin.

Copy available online here.


Leaked draft of US Supreme Court opinion in abortion case calls for “wait-and-see” approach

 MADISON, WI – Last night, Politico broke a news story that the U.S. Supreme Court had voted to overturn Roe v. Wade. The story linked to a draft opinion ostensibly written by Justice Alito and leaked by an unnamed source. The headline reads, “Supreme Court has voted to overturn abortion rights,” but this draft is not the final opinion nor a final vote by the justices.

Following is a statement from Wisconsin Family Action president, Julaine Appling:

“It is totally unprecedented for a draft opinion to be leaked. This in itself is shocking. Frankly, every effort should be made to find who did this and he/she should be immediately fired. However, if this was done, as many suspect, by a pro-abortion employee of the Court, it certainly shows the desperation of those wanting to keep Roe intact.

“Here’s how the US Supreme Court typically operates. The Court held oral arguments on Dobbs on Tuesday, December 1. We are quite certain that on Friday of that week, the justices met to take a preliminary vote on the case. This timing is in synch with the Court’s normal practices. Depending on that vote, the longest-serving justice in the majority would have assigned a justice to write the draft opinion. That justice was likely Justice Clarence Thomas, as it appears Chief Justice Roberts might be in the minority.

“If the Politico story is accurate, Justice Alito was assigned to draft the opinion. The Alito-leaked draft is dated February 10, 2022. Since that date, the other justices would have made comments with possible suggestions to refine the draft opinion. In addition, justices can change their vote on a case pretty much at any time before an opinion is released to the public.

“Because it is a leaked, first-draft opinion, we caution against premature celebration of what would, no doubt, be a huge victory for the pro-life cause. If the opinion holds as it is currently written, we will have reason and time to celebrate. But prudence demands that for now we take a “wait-and-see” approach to this unprecedented development. We can certainly be cautiously optimistic as we consider what could unfold in the days ahead. As a reminder, should the court actually overturn Roe, abortion is not automatically illegal across the country. The issue returns to the states. In Wisconsin we have a pre-Roe criminal statute in place that should be enforceable. Tragically, but not surprisingly, Attorney General Josh Kaul (D) has already said he will not enforce that law if Roe is overturned.

“I think Mississippi’s Attorney General’s approach is warranted at this time. In a released statement regarding last night’s developments, AG Lynn Fitch said, ‘We will let the Supreme Court speak for itself and wait for the Court’s official opinion.’ We want to see the actual opinion released by the Court before we rejoice. That could come at any time between now and the end of June. In the meantime, we will carefully read the 96- page draft opinion—and pray.

“If the Court does overturn Roe, Wisconsin’s pro-life movement must be ready to serve women facing unplanned pregnancies and their babies. We must be ready for this election season to stand together for babies and their mothers. We must be ready for any other court challenges or other moves from the pro-abortion industry and their allies. We must truly be prepared for life after Roe.


Wisconsin Family Action is a statewide organization engaged in strengthening, preserving, and promoting marriage, family, life, and religious freedom in Wisconsin.

Pro-Family PAC Endorses David Varnam for Lieutenant Governor

Madison – Wisconsin Family Action Political Action Committee (WFA PAC) announced today that it has endorsed David Varnam for Lieutenant Governor.

Julaine Appling, WFA PAC Director, issued the following statement:

“David Varnam is our kind of candidate. He has a strong Christian faith, a rich policy background, in particular on the foundational issues of marriage and family, life, and religious freedom, and is an elected local official. That’s a great combination for someone looking to be our next lieutenant governor.

“As Mayor of Lancaster, WI, David has some executive experience that would serve him well as a part of a conservative executive branch. He’s been governing close to the people, listening to and responding to their concerns and working for their well-being. That’s what we expect of a lieutenant governor.

Our vetting process is quite thorough, and David passed every test we gave him when it came to his positions on our core issues and those we know Wisconsin citizens really care about.

“It’s refreshing to see young candidates like David—a candidate who realizes that Wisconsin’s best natural resource is our families and who is committed to championing policies that actually strengthen families and help them remain or become independent of government, which in turn strengthens our state. David sees that at the local level and can and will easily translate that into the much bigger platform the office of lieutenant governor affords.

“David’s campaign literature clearly says he’s pro-life. He’s proud of that position, not apologetic; and he’s not just saying it to get votes. It’s who he is; his policy work attests to that. While a lieutenant governor can’t make law or sign a bill into law, he or she can definitely be a help in getting pro-life legislation enacted; we would expect nothing less of David.

“WFA PAC wishes David Varnam all the best as he takes his pro-family, pro-freedom, pro-business, pro-life message across the state in anticipation of the primary election in August.”

Additional endorsements for this fall’s elections will be issued over the next several months.


Authorized and paid for by Wisconsin Family Action PAC and Wisconsin Family Action Federal PAC, Leslie Harrison, Treasurer.  Not authorized by any candidate or by any candidate’s agent or committee.

Copy available online here.

Pro-Family PAC Endorses Rebecca Kleefisch for Governor

Madison – Wisconsin Family Action Political Action Committee (WFA PAC) announced today that it has endorsed Rebecca Kleefisch for governor.

Julaine Appling, WFA PAC Director, commented, “WFA PAC is proud to endorse Rebecca Kleefisch for governor of Wisconsin. Rebecca has a solid conservative track record. She understands and is committed to strengthening, preserving, and promoting Wisconsin’s best natural resource—her families. Supporting economic growth through job creation and a commitment to reducing the tax burden are proof-positive that Rebecca understands that when Wisconsin’s families are strong and independent, Wisconsin is strong.

“Time and again, Rebecca has proven she is pro-life—that she is dedicated to the biological reality that life begins at conception and deserves protection from that moment. As lieutenant governor, while she was not in a lawmaking or law-enacting office, Rebecca championed pro-life legislation, using her unique position as a platform to advance protections for both the unborn and their mothers. We have no doubt that as governor, she would continue to advance the pro-life cause in our state.

“In recent months, Rebecca has been an especially strong voice for the right of parents to be involved in the education of their children. She is listening to parents and encouraging them to hold school boards accountable for their policies and instruction and to run for their local school boards. She is also advocating for the expansion of school choice, understanding that income and zip code should not determine whether or not parents have educational options.

“We cannot imagine Rebecca Kleefisch ever issuing an Executive Order or signing a bill into law or even championing a bill that would in any way restrict our religious freedom. Rather, we are confident that as governor she will bring a correct understanding of the First Amendment of the US Constitution and of Article I, Section 18 of our State Constitution—and will appropriately protect our religious freedom and right of conscience—especially in times of crisis.

“Rebecca Kleefisch doesn’t just talk; she backs up what she says with action. She’s someone who will fight for what is right and best for our citizens, always looking to build a Wisconsin where families will have every reason to stay, and families in other states will have every reason to move here. We issue this endorsement with confidence because we have seen proof of Rebecca’s conservative beliefs, of her character and her conviction under intense pressure. She’s ready to lead.”

Additional endorsements for this fall’s elections will be issued over the next several months.


Authorized and paid for by Wisconsin Family Action PAC and Wisconsin Family Action Federal PAC, Leslie Harrison, Treasurer.  Not authorized by any candidate or by any candidate’s agent or committee.

Read online here.



MADISON, WI – Wisconsin Family Action, along with leaders and representatives from 29 other states, is part of a coalition of state family policy council organizations from across the country opposing the illegal Biden employee vaccine mandate by filing a legal amicus (friend of the court)  brief with the U.S. Supreme Court in the case of N.F.I.B. v. D.O.L, U.S., No. 21A244. The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral arguments in court on this fast-tracked case this Friday, January 7.

Julaine Appling, president of Wisconsin Family Action, issued the following statement:

“Wisconsin Family Action is honored to join 30 other state family policy organizations and leaders in filing a brief that highlights the threat to religious freedom, a critically important and foundational freedom, that is at risk with such a dangerous and rushed rule that sidesteps Congress and cuts out the American people. Today, more than ever, it is necessary that we stand up to and fight back when our religious freedom, as well as other freedoms, are attacked”.

The brief explains that “unelected and unaccountable administrative agencies” tend to be hostile to religious freedom by treating it as “an afterthought, an inconvenience that stands in the way of their desired policy.” Religious liberty is “a vital and enduring thread in the nation’s fabric.”  Further, OSHA’s rulemaking not only circumvents the normal process for lawmaking through Congress, but also through  state legislatures—and the states have a much better track record for safeguarding religious liberty.

For religious employers in particular, the brief states that OSHA’s rule amounts to “indirect coercion [that] contradicts fundamental religious autonomy principles.”

The case, brought by a union of states and business industry groups, challenges the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) nationwide vaccine-or-testing rule for U.S. businesses with 100 or more employees.

In addition to Wisconsin Family Action, 30 family policy organizations (representing entities from 29 other states and a national organization) signed on to the legal brief as amici curiae, including California Family Council, Family Institute of Connecticut, Delaware Family Policy Council, Florida Family Policy Council, Frontline Policy Council (Georgia), Idaho Family Policy Center, Indiana Family Institute, The Family Leader (Iowa), Kansas Family Voice, The Family Foundation (Kentucky), Louisiana Family Forum, Christian Civic League of Maine, Massachusetts Family Institute, Michigan Family Forum, Minnesota Family Council, Montana Family Foundation, Nebraska Family Alliance, Cornerstone Policy Research of New Hampshire, Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey, Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico, New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms, North Carolina Family Policy Council, North Dakota Family Alliance, Center for Christian Virtue (Ohio), Pennsylvania Family Council, Palmetto Family Council (South Carolina),Texas Values, The Family Foundation (Virginia), Family Policy Institute of Washington, and Family Policy Alliance.

The legal amicus brief filed at the U. S. Supreme Court can be found here.


Wisconsin Family Action is a statewide organization engaged in strengthening, preserving, and promoting marriage, family, life, and religious freedom in Wisconsin.

Copy available online here.

Governor Evers Approves Online Sports Betting at Expense of Wisconsin Citizens, Particularly Teens

MADISON, WI – Earlier this week, Governor Evers celebrated the launch of the first-ever online gambling/sports betting operation in Wisconsin at a ribbon-cutting ceremony held at the Oneida Casino in Green Bay. Governor Evers amended the Oneida compact to allow online sports gambling in the Oneida Casinos earlier this year. Per Wisconsin law, the governor has unilateral ability to amend the gambling compacts with the Native American tribes.

Studies in the U.K., where sports betting has been legal for some time, have shown an explosive increase in teen gambling addiction. One study found more than 50% of 16-year olds had sports gambling apps on their phones before such betting was even legal there. “We know gambling operators target ads to the mostly likely segments of our population to wager; that audience is young males in their teens through early 30s,” said Julaine Appling, President of Wisconsin Family Action. “This is a vulnerable group whose cognitive ability to associate behavior with consequence is not fully developed which is exactly why they are so heavily targeted.”

The state of Michigan has set records in online gambling and sports wagering revenue just 10 months after going live. In that same time frame, the gambling addiction hotline saw a 33% increase in calls (over 2,000 more calls) in just one year. Analysts and recovery advocates have raised concerns about the lack of education and awareness campaigns directed at gambling addiction similar to ones that focus on drug and alcohol addictions.

It is expected that the remaining 10 tribes will line up to amend their compacts to allow for online sports betting, creating the largest expansion of gambling in Wisconsin history.

“Gambling is a zero sum game. It creates no new wealth, and little to no economic multipliers in the local economy. It’s a short-sighted revenue stream for government as eventually people play to extinction. The biggest winners will be the casinos and the government, all at the expense of Wisconsin citizens,” said Lorri Pickens, Executive Director of Citizens Against Expanded Gambling.

Wisconsin deserves better from its leaders. Governor Evers should always put Wisconsin citizens first.

Copy available online here.


Legislators recognize personal medical rights & fairness in athletic competitions

MADISON, WI – Yesterday the Wisconsin Assembly passed  three important bills. These bills are now in the state Senate, and if passed there, will make it to the governor’s desk.

AB 299: This bill protects the rights of individuals to choose not to receive a COVID-19 vaccine by banning businesses and government from requiring their customers and employees be vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus or any of its variants. Wisconsin Family Action supports this bill and in the public hearing testified in favor, along with literally dozens of passionate Wisconsinites who are concerned about the erosion of their freedoms. AB 299 passed with 59 Republicans and 1 Democrat voting in favor, while 37 Democrats voted against.

AB 195 and AB 196: These are the Protecting Women’s Sports bills. They are designed to protect women and girls from having to compete against biological males in college and K-12 athletics. AB 195 protects women’s sports in UW System schools and technical training schools. AB 196 protects girls in K-12 public schools, as well as private schools participating in Wisconsin’s Parental Choice programs. Wisconsin Family Action supports these bills and testified in favor of both of them during the public hearing. Both AB 195 and AB 196 passed on strict party-line votes, 59-38, with all Republicans voting in favor and all Democrats voting against.

Wisconsin Family Action president, Julaine Appling, commented, ”We’d like to thank the authors, as well as the Assembly leadership, for moving these essential bills. The bill related to the vaccine issue is fundamentally about recognizing and protecting our right to make our own medical decisions and not being discriminated against because of our choice. The Protect Women’s Sports bills are about fundamental fairness for women athletes who should not be robbed of opportunities because biological males are allowed to compete on or in a girls’ or women’s team or competition. It’s encouraging to see so many legislators understand these ideas and act on them. We urge the Senate to do the same and give Governor Evers an opportunity to also protect our freedom and to ensure fairness for girls and women.”


 Wisconsin Family Action is a statewide organization engaged in strengthening, preserving and promoting marriage, family, life and religious freedom in Wisconsin.

Copy available online here.

Pro-Family PAC Announces Endorsements for Assembly District 37 Special Election

Pro-Family PAC Announces Endorsements for Assembly District 37 Special Election

Madison – Wisconsin Family Action Political Action Committee (WFA PAC) announced today that it has endorsed the following candidates for the special election for Assembly District 37.  The primary for this election is Tuesday, June 15, 2021.

Cathy Houchin

Nick Krueger

Jennifer Meinhardt

William Penterman

Nathan Pollnow

Julaine Appling, WFA PAC Director, commented, “It’s always encouraging to have candidates who understand the importance of Wisconsin’s best natural resource—her families—and who are prepared to do all they can to strengthen, preserve and promote marriage, family, life and religious freedom, as well as the rule of law and a strong economy by supporting capitalism and free enterprise in our state. These candidates have been carefully vetted and have met a rigorous standard to earn our endorsement. We wish them all the best as they campaign hard between now and the primary and thank them for stepping up to enter public service.”




Authorized and paid for by Wisconsin Family Action PAC and Wisconsin Family Action Federal PAC, Leslie Harrison, Treasurer.  Not authorized by any candidate or by any candidate’s agent or committee.

Copy available online here.

Will You Join Us in Prayer?

Today is going to be a busy day in Madison! Wisconsin Family Action will be testifying on 4 separate bills: AB195/SB323AB196/SB 322SB 260, and SB 261. More information about each bill is given below. Will you join us in prayer today as we and many others will testify and present the truth in our capitol today?

AB 195/SB 323 and AB 196/SB 322These bills are the Protect Women’s Sports bills. The bills stop biological males from participating in girls’/women’s sports. AB 195/SB 323 prohibits this at the UW System schools and the technical training schools, both publicly funded institutions of higher learning. AB 196/SB322 does the same thing in Wisconsin’s public K-12 schools and private schools participating in a parental choice program.
We have hearings today in both the Senate and the Assembly on these bills.

SB 260: This bill would close loopholes in the law to make it clear that the UW Madison and the UW Medical College cannot have any kind of funding relationship with Planned Parenthood to train residents to do abortions or to provide UW doctors to Planned Parenthood to do abortions.

SB 261: This bill would add additional information that would need to be tracked and reported after an induced abortion is performed. The additional information includes reporting the sex of the baby if that can be visually determined and if there is any fetal anomaly. The bill would also require reporting the identity of the facility where the induced abortion takes place. The author of the bill, Senator Jacque, yesterday offered an amendment with a number of additional points of information that would need to be determined and reported.

The two pro-life bills will be heard in a Senate committee today.

Each of these bill is important to help protect our families here is Wisconsin. Please keep us in prayer today for knowledge and wisdom and please keep praying as these bills continue through the legislative process.

Wisconsin Family Action PAC Congratulates Winning Endorsed Candidates

Wisconsin Family Action PAC Congratulates Winning Endorsed Candidates
Pro-family, pro-life, pro-liberty candidates perform well

Madison, WI – Wisconsin Family Action PAC (WFA PAC), the state’s only conservative pro-family PAC, endorsed Judge Shelley Grogan for Wisconsin Court of Appeals District II, John Jagler for State Senate District 13, and Elijah Behnke for State Assembly District 89, prior to yesterday’s Spring Nonpartisan General Election. Each of these candidates prevailed in his/her respective races.

WFA PAC director Julaine Appling commented, “We are proud to have endorsed these candidates and congratulate them on their victories and their hard-fought campaigns. Judge Grogan will be an excellent addition to the Court of Appeals. She clearly understands the role of the judiciary and promises to exercise judicial restraint, while putting into practice her textualist interpretation of the Constitution.

“John Jagler and Elijah Behnke were in special elections, each of which had its own challenges. We know John Jagler; we’ve seen him and worked with him since he first was elected to the Assembly a number of years ago. Our full expectation is that John will continue to work hard to strengthen, preserve and promote our conservative values.

“Elijah Behnke is a newcomer, but brings great energy and common sense, in addition to solid conservative values and positions on the issues most important to us—all of which in some way relate to making sure Wisconsin’s best natural resource is strengthened—our families. Elijah understands that when our families are strong and independent, Wisconsin is also strong.

“ We look forward to good reports on the work of Appellate Judge Grogan and to working directly with Senator-elect John Jagler and Representative-elect Elijah Behnke to accomplish much that will advance the pro-life, pro-family, and pro-liberty values of tens of thousands of Wisconsin citizens.”


Authorized and paid for by Wisconsin Family Action PAC, Leslie Harrison, Treasurer. Not authorized by any candidate or by any candidate’s agent or committee.

Copy available online here.

Equality Act hearing TODAY – what YOU can do to stop this dangerous bill

The US Senate Judiciary Committee is holding a hearing today, March 17, 2021 at 9am CT on the so-called Equality Act. This bill would add sexual orientation and gender identity to the federal civil rights law. It has no religious exemption and in fact poses a real threat to religious freedom. The bill would give special rights and protections to those in the LGBTQ plus communities and put in the crosshairs those who believe in Biblical marriage and family and God’s creative distinctly binary order of male and female. The bill passed earlier this month in the U.S. House.

Now is the time for citizens to tell Wisconsin US Senators Ron Johnson and Tammy Baldwin to vote AGAINST this proposal. Contact information for the senators is below or you can go to senate.gov.  Being good stewards of the government God has given us includes letting elected officials know our opinion on important issues.

NOTE: Go to our new Action Center to shoot off an email now!

Here are some TALKING POINTS from Heritage Foundation:

  • This legislation does not create equality. Equality cannot be created for one group by taking rights away from another. This bill targets people of religious faith, erodes protections for women, and would take children away from parents who refuse radical hormone therapies.
  • The Equality Act endangers women and girls. By recognizing an individuals “chosen gender” instead of his or her “biological sex,” this legislation would force more women and girls to share bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, and sleeping facilities with biological males who choose to identify as female.
  • The Equality Act would allow biological males who identify as female to compete in and likely dominate women’s sports. Not only does this undercut the sport, but it hurts women who depend on college sports and scholarships to obtain educational and career aspirations.
  • Parents’ would lose the right to decide the best medical care for a child suffering with gender dysphoria and would be stripped of custody of their children. Already, courts have sided with transgender clinics against parents who refused radical hormone therapies for their children.
  • This legislation makes it harder for organizations and charities with faith-based values to operate and exist. This negatively impacts all underserved communities, including children, minorities, the unemployed, and the homeless.
  • The 100,000+ American children in need of adoption each year would be hurt by H.R. 5. The numerous faith-based adoption agencies that serve these vulnerable children would be forced to either close down or violate sincerely held religious beliefs.
  • Employers and businesses would face more regulation and lawsuits. Businesses with 15 or more employees would be forced to provide medical insurance for “gender transitions”, use preferred pronouns or face litigation, and open any single-sex space to both sexes including bathrooms and locker rooms.
  • Free speech must be protected and preserved. H.R. 5 would silence thought and debate on important issues facing our nation, such as gender, marriage, and faith.
  • Provides legal support for a radical school curriculum, teaching sexual preferences and transgender theory to elementary and pre-K children. In states where this curriculum is currently being taught, it is integrated into all subjects, and parents cannot opt their children out.



Pro-Family PAC Announces Spring General Election Endorsements

Madison – Wisconsin Family Action Political Action Committee (WFA PAC) announced today that it has endorsed the following candidates in the respective races for the spring nonpartisan general election on Tuesday, April 6, 2021.

District II, Wisconsin Court of Appeals

Shelley Grogan

Senate District 13 (Special Election)

John Jagler

Assembly District 89 (Special Election)

Elijah Behnke

Fond du Lac City Council

Daniel Degner

WFA PAC endorses legislative and local official candidates who have either proven track records of strengthening, preserving, and promoting marriage, family, life, and religious freedom or who give strong evidence of doing that if they are elected. Judicial candidates must be Constitutional originalists (or textualists), show judicial restraint, reflect an appropriate judicial temperament, and eschew making law from the bench.


Authorized and paid for by Wisconsin Family Action PAC, Leslie Harrison, Treasurer.  Not authorized by any candidate or by any candidate’s agent or committee.

Copy available online here.

EARLY BIRD ACTION ALERT: Tackling the so-called Equality Act

This week it has been “all hands on deck” as conservatives across the nation rallied AGAINST the so-called Equality Act (we call it the UNEquality Act) in a virtual event on Tuesday and opened the email (and snail mail) floodgates to elected officials’ offices with strong opposition to this bill. Since the US House of Representatives is expected to take a vote on this dangerous act TODAY, we are getting this information out to you early enough to get one last email sent off to your legislator through our easy-as-1-2-3 Action CenterCLICK HERE NOW to send your email off in less than 15 seconds!

We don’t have time to waste (we know you don’t, either) so here is the slimmed-down version of the “Equality Act” and a link to the action you can quickly take this morning before the vote is taken in the House. CLICK HERE NOW to ensure your legislator gets your email THIS MORNING before the vote!

What is the “Equality Act?”
“On Wednesday March 13 (2019), Nancy Pelosi introduced the so-called Equality Act, a bill that would add “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” as protected classes under federal civil rights law.

How could Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) laws affect you? GREAT question and we have an answer! CLICK HERE for a comprehensive look at the danger of this bill.

WHAT YOU CAN DO RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE ⇒ CLICK HERE and shoot a preformatted email (that you can completely change and personalize–and we encourage you to do that!) off to your member of Congress asking him/her to vote AGAINST the “Equality Act.”That’s it! Just as we promised, this Action Alert is quick and to the point! Thank you for weighing in on this critical issue that could put America’s children, businesses, families, adoption centers and so much more in danger.

Click HERE to watch yesterday’s virtual rally.

Pro-Family PAC Announces Spring Primary Election Endorsements

Pro-Family PAC Announces Spring Primary Election Endorsements

Madison – Wisconsin Family Action Political Action Committee (WFA PAC) announced today that it has endorsed the following candidates in the respective races for the spring nonpartisan primary election next week on Tuesday, February 16, 2021.

Senate District 13 (Special Election)

John Jagler

Don Pridemore

Assembly District 89 (Special Election)

Elijah Behnke

Fond du Lac City Council

Daniel Degner

WFA PAC carefully vets each candidate; candidates receiving WFA PAC’s endorsement have met a rigorous standard. WFA PAC endorses candidates who either have proven track records of strengthening, preserving and promoting marriage, family, life and religious freedom or who give strong evidence of doing that if they are elected.



Authorized and paid for by Wisconsin Family Action PAC and Wisconsin Family Action Federal PAC, Leslie Harrison, Treasurer.  Not authorized by any candidate or by any candidate’s agent or committee.

Copy available online here.

Wisconsin Republican lawmakers push bill to allow pharmacists to prescribe birth control pills

Rep. Joel Kitchens of Sturgeon Bay and Sen. Mary Felzkowski of Irma and Sen. Kathy Bernier of Chippewa Falls have once again introduced a bill that would allow Wisconsin pharmacists to write prescriptions for certain contraceptives. 

Currently, pharmacists in Wisconsin cannot write prescriptions. However, if these authors and the other Republican state legislators who are cosponsoring this bill have their way, that would change. If this bill, Senate Bill 30, passes, pharmacists would be able to write prescriptions for certain contraceptive drugs and patches for women eighteen and over who have filled out a self-assessment questionnaire and have undergone a blood pressure screening provided by the pharmacist. After the prescription is issued, the pharmacist would be required to report the prescription to the patient’s primary care practitioner.


This is the second time Republicans have rushed to sponsor this bill. Last session the Assembly passed the proposal, but it died in the Senate. Supporters argue women need more access to contraception. Opponents allege access isn’t a problem. What concerns them, however, is the well-being of the woman with no doctor involved prior to the prescription being written and issued. Wisconsin Family Action opposes the bill.

Call your legislator and weigh in on this issue as soon as possible. Find your legislator and his/her contact information HERE.
Share this information with your family, friends and neighbors and ask them to do the same.
Commit to praying for your legislators on a regular basis.

What You Need to Know About Covid-19 Vaccines

Written by David Prentice, Ph.D.Tara Sander Lee, Ph.D. for the Charlotte Lozier Institute:

Most COVID-19 Vaccines Do Not Use Fetal Cells for Production; Several Used Abortion-Derived Cell Lines in Testing; Experts Urge All Vaccine Developers to Use Noncontroversial Alternatives

Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI) has published a new chart (see below) detailing whether the eight leading COVID-19 vaccine candidates supported by Operation Warp Speed are produced or tested using cells derived from abortions. The vaccine candidates evaluated are those produced by Pfizer/BioNTechModernaAstraZenecaJohnson & JohnsonNovavaxSanofi/GSKInovio, and Merck.

CLI’s analysis found that a majority of vaccine candidates did not use abortion-derived cell lines in their production. Several used abortion-derived cell lines in laboratory testing, or their use in testing could not be determined.

Accurate information about the development and production of COVID-19 vaccines is essential, especially because many proposed candidates use newer molecular technologies for production of a viral vaccine. CLI’s analysis utilizes data from the primary scientific literature when available, along with data from clinical trial documents, reputable vaccine tracking websites, and published commercial information.

It remains to be seen which vaccines will be approved for emergency use and how soon they will be available to patients. CLI will continue to provide the public with access to timely and accurate information so that individuals and families can weigh all factors – including secular science and religious traditions – and make vaccine decisions in line with their conscience.

[googlepdf url=”https://wifamilyaction.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/12.04.20-warp-speed-vaccines.pdf” download=”Download” ]

Wisconsin Election Fraud Hearing Friday, December 11, 10 a.m.


ELECTION FRAUD HEARING: Tomorrow, December 11, 2020, the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections and the Senate Committee on Elections, Ethics and Rural Issues will hold a joint public hearing regarding allegations of election fraud in Wisconsin. Testimony will be heard only from people who have been invited to speak. Seating is very limited because of COVID restrictions. The hearing begins at 10 a.m. and is scheduled to end at 6 p.m. An overflow room and the rotunda in the capitol will be available once the main hearing room is full. The hearing room is 412 East in the capitol. You don’t have to go to Madison to listen to the hearing, however. Wisconsin Eye will carry the hearing LIVE. You can access it by clicking HERE.

Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett Thanks Wisconsin Well-wishers

Judge Amy Coney Barrett was on the proverbial “hot seat” in the US Senate Judiciary Committee for four days during the hearing to confirm her as an associate justice on the US Supreme Court. She had been the target of vitriol and even ridiculous statements and questions from liberals on the committee. Through it all, this wife and mother of seven, who is by everyone’s account a brilliant legal mind and excellent jurist, conducted herself with confidence without arrogance, dignity without defiance, and grace without groveling. We believed Judge Barrett would welcome receiving some encouragement from thousands of Wisconsin citizens who appreciate who she is and what she believes about the rule of law and the role of the courts. And so did you!

A campaign was launched by our organization to send a letter to Justice Barrett to let her know Wisconsin was thinking of and praying for her. Hundreds of you signed on to the letter and added your own personal notes. It was truly heartwarming to witness the outpouring of love and kindness towards Justice Barrett!

On October 21, 2020, we made a trip to our local post office to send off pages and pages containing all of these beautiful expressions of gratitude, commitments to prayer and more. Your words touched the heart of Justice Barrett who responded just this week with a personal letter!

WFA president Julaine Appling said, “Justice Barrett continues to show us she is a classy and gracious person.  I must admit; getting a letter from a sitting US Supreme Court justice is a first for me. We are glad we took time to do this thank you to Justice Barrett and are certainly grateful for her kind acknowledgement. We wanted to be sure we shared her letter so those who signed could see Justice Barrett received the card and signatures and appreciated them. Thank you to all of you who participated!”

[googlepdf url=”https://wifamilyaction.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/DOC120820-12082020144913.pdf” download=”Download” ]

Once again, thank you to all who participated in this effort. “Therefore, comfort one another and edify one another, just as you also are doing.” 1 Thess. 5:11 (NKJV)

Wisconsin: Report Election Fraud NOW

We are going to all need to exercise some patience as this election continues. The election is clearly not over. If nothing else, the Trump campaign has said they are going to ask for a statewide recount. The parties will be looking for people to volunteer to be observers of the process wherever the recount is happening. Every vote has a paper trail; at a minimum, that should be investigated during the recount. If possible, volunteer some time.

In December 1776, Thomas Paine wrote, “THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.” I think what’s going on with the election results here in Wisconsin is definitely trying our souls. Reports of questionable results and reporting have surfaced, but it seems no one is doing much to investigate. We need real patriots to show up right now.

The integrity of our election system is paramount to retaining our constitutional republic. All voters, regardless of their party or political persuasion, need to have confidence that their vote will count—and not be negated by fraudulent ballots or unqualified voters.

We want you to know that we are not sunshine patriots. We are launching an effort to call all true Wisconsin patriots to stay engaged in this election process.

We’ll have more to say about this effort soon, but here are some action steps you can take right now:
1) Please email us any reports or stories you have heard of voting irregularities or questionable voting activity. Send your email to diane@voterightwi.com.

2) Pray! If there has been any fraud, pray that God will reveal it and will bring justice to bear. Enlist others to join you.

3) Call your state representative and senator (enter your address in the upper right-hand corner and search) and ask them to make election integrity reform an immediate priority.

4) Share this information with other Wisconsin patriots who want to be sure every vote is counted and counted lawfully.

It’s time…it’s time for the true patriots in Wisconsin to stand strong! We hope you will join us as we make a reasonable demand for a truly fair election. The citizens of Wisconsin deserve a transparent election process so that we can have confidence in the outcome.

WI Family Action Calls for Election Day of Prayer

Today is Election Day 2020. We know you have likely been reminded of that and of the importance of your vote multiple times by now. Please know, those of us sending those messages are doing so out of the very best of intentions—because we really do know how important this election is and how important your vote is! Soon, the opportunity to vote in this election will be done. The messaging will stop; the decisions will have been made.

At Wisconsin Family Action and Wisconsin Family Council we really have done all we could to encourage Christians in Wisconsin to honor God with their vote. On this Election Day, we issue one final call to action related to this election:  please join us in prayer today.
We have identified 5 specific areas to focus on for this special prayer emphasis.
We urge you to pray individually multiple times during the day today and, if at all possible, to gather your family together (maybe at a meal?) and pray specifically for these requests. Our WFA/WFC team will be praying as well throughout the day and into the evening.

You know the verse well, I’m sure…II Chronicles 7:14 – “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and will turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

In principle, this verse applies as much today to us in America as it did in promise to the children of Israel. In essence, the verse is calling the faithful to revival…and that’s really what we need in our country.

Thank you for standing with us in prayer as Election 2020 draws to a close. May God be honored not just by our vote but by our earnest and faithful prayers.

Wisconsin Family Action/Wisconsin Family Council


President Trump issues Exec Order to establish Commission to improve understanding of nation’s history/founding principles

Through a new Executive Order, President Trump is establishing the President’s Advisory 1776 Commission, which will work to improve understanding of our nation’s history and founding principles among America’s rising generations. Below please find links to the text of the Executive Order and a fact sheet describing the mission of the Commission.

Click HERE to read the Executive Order on Establishing the President’s Advisory 1776 Commission.

Click HERE to read a fact sheet describing the mission of the Commission.



US Senate confirms President Trump’s conservative nominee to high court


MADISON, WI – On a 52-48 vote, yesterday evening the US Senate confirmed President Donald Trump’s nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, as an associate justice to the United States Supreme Court. The vote was along party lines with the notable exception of Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) who voted with the Democrats.

The following statement can be attributed to Julaine Appling, president of Wisconsin Family Action:

“This is one of the good consequences of having a president who has been committed to conservative judicial appointments. Justice Barrett showed during her confirmation hearings that she is imminently qualified in judicial philosophy, temperament and character to serve on our nation’s highest court. I have no doubt that we will, as a nation, be well served for years to come by this wife and mother of seven who is a brilliant legal mind and has also had a distinguished legal career.

“The Supreme Court will be dealing with extremely important issues in the days ahead. Breaking the current possibility for a tie vote is critical. It is encouraging to know Justice Barrett is a true Constitutional originalist who is committed to the rule of law and knows the role of the court is to interpret the law, not make it. That bodes extremely well for any issue that comes before the court, including elections, abortion, marriage, health care, property rights, religious freedom or any other matter.

“While the liberals have called the process ‘illegitimate’ and accused the Senate Republicans of hijacking the system, the truth is the Constitution and even the Senate’s own rules have been followed. The president is president for the entire four years; not for just a portion of it. The Senate is elected to do its job all the time, including during election cycles. This process as it has played out since the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg last month is a powerful and very timely reminder that elections really do have consequences.

“Wisconsin Family Action wishes Justice Barrett all the best as she begins serving on our Supreme Court.”


Wisconsin Family Action is a statewide organization engaged in strengthening, preserving and promoting marriage, family, life and religious freedom in Wisconsin.

Copy available online here.


Pro-Family PAC Issues Final Endorsements for Fall General Election

Pro-Family PAC Issues Final Endorsements for Fall General Election

Madison – Wisconsin Family Action Political Action Committees (federal and state, WFA PAC) today released the complete list of candidates they have endorsed for the fall general election.

                                                                        WFA Federal PAC


President                                                                                     US House of Representatives

Donald Trump                                                                          Scott Fitzgerald – Congressional District 5

Glenn Grothman – Congressional District 6

                                                                                                         Tom Tiffany – Congressional District 7


                                                                           WFA State PAC                                     

                                                                                State Senate

Alciro Deacon – Senate District 6

Joan Ballweg – Senate District 14

Scott Barker – Senate District 16

Duey Stroebel – Senate District 20

Dan Kapanke – Senate District 32


                                                                               State Assembly  


Shae Sortwell – Assembly District 2                                                       Michael Schraa – Assembly District 53

Ron Tusler – Assembly District 3                                                            Rachael Cabral-Guevara – Assembly District 55

Rob Hutton – Assembly District 13                                                         Dave Murphy – Assembly District 56

Joe Sanfelippo – Assembly District 15                                                   Timothy Ramthun – Assembly District 59

Janel Brandtjen – Assembly District 22                                                  Robert Brooks – Assembly District 60

Dan Knodl – Assembly District 24                                                          Donna Rozar – Assembly District 69

Paul Tittl – Assembly District 25                                                             Scott Soik – Assembly District 71

Terry Katsma – Assembly District 26                                                     Chuck Wichgers – Assembly District 83

Cody Horlacher – Assembly District 33                                                 Mike Kuglitsch – Assembly District 84

Barbara Dittrich – Assembly District 38                                                James Edming – Assembly District 87

Alex Dallman – Assembly District 41                                                    Scott Allen – Assembly District 97

Jeremy Thiesfeldt – Assembly District 52

Julaine Appling, Director of WFA PAC, commented on the endorsements:

“Our PACs are looking for candidates who meet our rigorous criteria for endorsement—candidates with either proven track records of promoting and defending in every way marriage, family, life, and religious freedom, as well as our system of free enterprise, or those new candidates who are at least strongly ‘talking the talk’ on these issues. We believe this slate of candidates lives up to that standard. We urge voters in their districts to support them in every way during these final days before the election.”


Authorized and paid for by Wisconsin Family Action PAC; Leslie Harrison, Treasurer, and Wisconsin Family Action Federal PAC; Leslie Harrison, Treasurer.  Not authorized by any candidate or by any candidate’s agent or committee.

Take Action! Support Amy Coney Barrett For Supreme Court Justice

Last Saturday, President Trump nominated an eminently qualified candidate, Amy Coney Barrett, for the US Supreme Court!

Unsurprisingly, the radical Left has already unleashed on Judge Barrett and is holding nothing back in their attacks on her. We’ve seen this before.

During a now-infamous exchange in her 2017 confirmation hearing for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit (the court that covers WI), the Senate Judiciary Committee’s ranking Democrat, Senator Dianne Feinstein, referring to Judge Barrett’s faith, said directly to the judge: “The dogma lives loudly within you, and that’s of concern.”

Barrett rightly shot down the accusation that her faith disqualified her, saying in response: “I see no conflict between having a sincerely held faith and duties as a judge.”

As conservatives, we know what we are getting with Amy Coney Barrett, and the Left doesn’t like it. They don’t want to see a successful and intelligent judge, wife, and mother of seven take this seat because they know she is not an activist judge who will be swayed by the winds of culture and “elite” opinion.

Democrats also know the debate over Justice Ginsburg’s vacant seat has incredibly important implications for the 2020 election. They know whoever fills it will impact any legal challenges arising from this contentious election.

Liberal progrssives know that a Justice Barrett will impact countless important cases sure to come before the Supreme Court in the years ahead, including what we sense maybe at hand, but have likely not yet dared to hope – a challenge to and possible overturning of Roe v. Wade.

For all these reasons and more, the contempt and vitriol aimed at Justice Kavanaugh during his confirmation process will be nothing compared to what will be directed at Amy Coney Barrett over the coming weeks. During this trying time, she will need all the support she can get!

We must fill this seat with a nominee of integrity who will deliver an unimpeachable originalist record on the high court. Judge Barrett is that type of nominee. She will be that type of Justice on the Supreme Court!

1) Please call our Wisconsin senators TODAY! They NEED to hear from you. Let them know you support Judge Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court. Let them know they need to vote for her confirmation. Let them know they need to stand up and speak out against the obstruction and lies that are sure to come during the confirmation process.

Senator Ron Johnson (R) –  Washington office phone: 202-224-5323.  Send Sen. Johnson an email HERE.
Senator Tammy Baldwin (D) –  Washington office phone: 202-224-5653.  Send Sen. Baldwin an email HERE.

2) Pray–frequently and fervently that God will yet have mercy on us and give us the blessing of having this exemplary woman serve on our nation’s highest court. Pray individually, with your family, in your church, with friends. This, too, is part of being a good steward of the blessing of living in this nation.

This judicial seat will be VITALLY important for many of the cases coming before the Supreme Court beginning just next month! The abolition of Roe v. Wade has never been closer than now.

In addition, religious liberty is increasingly under attack, and we need a strong defender of the First Amendment on the Supreme Court. This seat will also be PIVOTAL to any litigation over the election results, which will likely come before the Supreme Court. We cannot waste this moment!

Thank you for taking time to contact our Wisconsin US Senators and for praying. May God bless you and our nation as we humble ourselves, seek Him, turn from our sin, and pray.


Says he will sign “born-alive” Executive Order

MADISON, WI – Earlier today President Trump via a previously recorded video for the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast, said he would be signing an Executive Order that would ensure babies who somehow survive a grizzly abortion receive medical care just as do babies who are born in other circumstances.

Calling the order the “Born-Alive” Executive Order, the president declared “the eternal truth that every child, born and unborn, is made in the holy image of God” and vowed that he will “always defend the sacred right to life.”

Congress has tried several times to pass “born-alive” legislation, but the bill has never made it through both houses.

“Protecting life is always right regardless of when or where,” commented Julaine Appling, president of Wisconsin Family Action. “President Trump has an extraordinary track record of matching his actions to his words on this foundational issue. As an organization dedicated to protecting the sanctity of human life, we are incredibly grateful for this pro-life announcement.

“What the president has said and the order he is going to sign stand in stark contrast to what Governor Evers did when he was presented a born-alive bill from our state legislature earlier this session. In less than 24 hours, the governor had vetoed that bill in full, showing a total disregard for human life. Elections really do have consequences—sometimes even life-and-death consequences.”

As of the publication of this release, the text of the order was not available to the public.


Wisconsin Family Action is a statewide organization engaged in strengthening, preserving and promoting marriage, family, life and religious freedom in Wisconsin.

No, this isn’t a mistake. It’s happening AGAIN in WI – and we need to take action

No, this isn’t a mistake. IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN.

This week on Tuesday, September 22, 2020, Governor Evers declared another 60-day statewide Public Health Emergency (Executive Order #90) that begins today and continues through November 21, 2020.  He also issued Emergency Order #1 which mandates “face coverings” (aka, “masks”) statewide. This is the governor’s third statewide 60-day emergency declaration dealing with COVID-19.

We have been in contact with legal experts on whether the governor has authority to issue yet another statewide emergency declaration. They have advised us that just as his second declaration was illegal, so this one is as well.  At a minimum, this order raises questions about whether, for instance, churches and private schools have the right to exercise autonomy in this matter.

We want to reiterate that Wisconsin Family Action has not and will not take a position on masks or other the other aspects of the order that the governor issued under the authority of this declaration. However, we will oppose illegal actions by elected officials. Please understand it is the emergency declaration order that gives the governor the authority to issue the mask mandate and it is that order that is illegal. How many 60-day emergency declarations dealing with one issue does he get?  We agree with the legal experts: he gets one such order, not multiple ones done in a serial manner.

Meanwhile, while the attorneys deliberate regarding a possible legal challenge, the state legislature does have a way to stop the governor’s order. The law that gives the governor authority to issue a Public Health Emergency (Chapter 323.10) states that the Order can be revoked by the Governor issuing another Executive Order or by the state legislature passing a Joint Resolution. Obviously the governor is not going to revoke his own emergency declaration order. So, the quickest way to stop this illegal power grab by the governor is for the state legislature to take action by passing a joint resolution..

After the Governor’s Order was released, State Senator Steve Nass (R-Whitewater) issued a statement in which he calls on the legislature to take immediate action..

We believe this legislative approach is the best option to quickly counter the Governor’s newest edict. We are asking that you AS SOON AS POSSIBLE make 3 phone calls to help make this special legislative session and a joint resolution a reality:

You can find contact information for your elected officials HERE (just put your address in the area at the top right of the page).

We know this is a confusing and challenging time for everyone. We are hoping our state legislators will step up and do the right thing in this instance and act as a “check and balance” to the executive branch. This is yet another powerful reminder that ELECTIONS HAVE VERY REAL CONSEQUENCES.  Remember that as you vote this fall!