Resources for Life

  • 40 Days for Life – “40 Days for Life is a focused pro-life campaign with a vision to access God’s power through prayer, fasting, and peaceful vigil to end abortion.”
  • Do No Harm, Understand Your Legal Right to (ADF), for health care professionals. Conscience protections for people of faith.
  • Evangelical Child and Family Agency (ECFA) – Our vision includes ministering to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of women and men who are facing or at risk of unplanned pregnancies; supporting evangelical families and individuals seeking to adopt; and providing for infants and children in need of temporary foster care and adoption.
  • GetYourCare.Org (Alliance Defending Freedom and Charlotte Lozier) – “ is a resource brought to you by the pro-women & pro-life movements of America. Our goal is to give women everywhere in America access to information about the thousands and thousands of quality health care options women have.”
  • Guarding the Sanctity of Life (Alliance Defending Freedom) – “Alliance Defending Freedom is on the front lines leading efforts to expose Planned Parenthood – America’s largest abortion provider – which is more concerned with its bottom line than the health of women.”
  • Heartlink – “We’re here to come alongside families with relevance and grace at each stage of their journey. We support families as they seek to teach their children about God and His beautiful design for the family, protect themselves from the harmful influences of culture and equip themselves to make a greater difference in the lives of those around them.”
  • Life (Family Research Council) – “As God is the Author of life, Family Research Council recognizes and respects the inherent dignity of every human life from conception (whether by natural or artificial means) until death.”
  • Life Chain – “A small pro-life ministry based 45 miles north of Sacramento, CA. God entrusted LIFE CHAIN to us in 1987, when we built America’s first Chain through our small sister towns, Yuba City and Marysville. We call LIFE CHAIN “a serious first step to pro-life activism.” It’s a serious step in that it requires us to stand publicly for one hour, while holding a pro-life sign and praying through the prayer topics on the back of our sign. That brief experience has led thousands of Christians across North America to join local pro-life groups and work as volunteers throughout the year.”
  • Personhood Wisconsin – “Personhood Wisconsin seeks to extend the God-given right to life found in the Wisconsin Constitution to all preborn children from the moment of conception.  It seeks to bring into the Wisconsin Constitution a true definition of human life as endorsed by Wisconsin citizens speaking through the amendment process, thus making the highest law in our state cover every person, at any stage of development.”
  • Pro-Life Wisconsin – “In 1992, almost 20 years after Roe v. Wade, a new statewide legislative and educational pro-life organization was formed in Wisconsin. The vision for this new organization was shared by dedicated and experienced pro-lifers who realized that the pro-life movement needed to refocus on principle to achieve total protection for all preborn children.”
  • Wisconsin Pregnancy Resource Centers – “PRCs are the heart of the ProLife community; they help needy mothers and offer alternatives to abortion. We support their work, and encourage you to do so as well. Please contact these organizations directly to find out how you can volunteer or financially support their efforts.
  • Wisconsin Right to Life – The mission of Wisconsin Right to Life is to protect and defend the most fundamental right of humankind, the right to life of every innocent human being from the beginning of life to natural death. Through education and legislation, Wisconsin Right to Life works to restore legal protection to the most defenseless members of our society who are threatened by abortion, infanticide, assisted suicide and euthanasia.

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