Tues. Feb 21 is Election Day – WFA PAC-endorsed Holtz on critical ballot

Next Tuesday, February 21, is Wisconsin’s Spring Non-Partisan Primary Election. Early in-person voting ends this Friday, February 17.  Absentee ballots are also available. A primary for State Superintendent of Public Instruction will be on everyone’s ballot statewide.  This is a 4-year term. Incumbent Tony Evers, who has served two terms, is running again and has 2 challengers: Dr. Lowell Holtz and Mr. John Humphries. Other local races could be on voters’ ballots. Check myvote.wi.gov to see a sample ballot. Polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. statewide.

Wisconsin Family Action Political Action Committee (PAC) has endorsed Dr. Lowell Holtz (photo, left) for State Superintendent of Public Instruction. See endorsement here.

“This race for State Superintendent of Public Instruction is critical,” says Julaine Appling, WFA president, “Whoever holds this office is responsible for determining state model academic standards, model policies on issues such as bullying, sexual orientation, gender –identity and more. Check the candidates websites, get informed and then be sure to vote.”

WFA Intern Plans More Involvement In Government

This year for the first time, I received something amazing: voter mail.

Having finally reached legal voting age, and inspired by the attention devoted to me as a possible voting citizen, I took the opportunity and voted in my local spring election. As the daughter of a County Board Supervisor, I thought I understood politics and the need for involvement.

However, during my incredible opportunity to be an intern at Wisconsin Family Action (WFA), I have learned so much more. Meeting representatives, hearing testimonies before a committee, and watching the state Senate debate has given me the real-life experience that will forever change my perspective as a citizen.

Some lessons from my experience:

First, Christians are involved in Wisconsin government—Christians who strive to honor God through every decision they make. Some of the most devoted ones are here at WFA. These workers are tireless in their fighting for godly and biblical principles in our laws.

Second, much work happens before we may ever hear about something political in the news. From meetings with legislators, to discussions with drafters while writing a bill, to committee meetings, much work is done behind the scenes by the elected officials and groups such as ours in order to pass any sort of legislation.

Third, I need to stay informed. Simply catching up on what my elected officials are doing around voting time is not enough. In order to be a truly informed citizen, I need to pay attention to what goes on at the Capitol on a daily basis. Instead of simply hearing after the fact that a certain law will affect me, I must find out before so that I can make a difference.

Fourth, I have learned the power of persuasion. This may seem an odd observation, but I have seen it in action. Whether in a closed door meeting or during a committee hearing that is open to the public, informed, persuasive speaking is imperative.

For these reasons and more, I will plan on being more involved in government even after I have finished my internship. I am incredibly thankful to WFA for this experience. Now I not only know how to prepare for mailing hundreds of flyers for voters by myself, but, more importantly, my involvement in and views about my government have been strengthened and changed forever.

VOTE! Tuesday, April 7, is ELECTION DAY

Vote button.jpgIt’s Spring Nonpartisan General Election time and we want to be as helpful to you as we can. Sometimes the referendum questions can be confusing, and honestly, we know it’s hard to take the time to research the candidates before you get to the polls. That’s why we’ve created a Voter Information Publicationjust for you!

Did you know there’s a statewide referendum dealing with the selection of the Supreme Court Justices on the ballot?  We explain the referendum for you onyour Voter Information Publication HERE!

Did you know there’s a statewide race for the Wisconsin Supreme Court? Read about both candidates for Supreme Court JusticeHERE in your Voter Information Publication. The homework is already done for you!

Did you know….Wisconsin Family Action PAC has endorsed Judge James Daley for the Supreme Court Justice race?  Read more HERE.

Did you know….Wisconsin Family Action urges you to vote “YES” on the referendum on how we select a chief justice for our state supreme court?

In-person absentee voting ends this Friday, April 3.

More information HERE on our Election Central page of our Wisconsin Family Action website!

Two Statewide Issues on April 7 Ballot: Know Before You Vote!

vote smartOn Tuesday April 7, Wisconsin will hold its spring nonpartisan general election. Early voting in the clerks offices is underway now through Friday April 3. Two statewide issues are on the ballot: a race for a seat on Wisconsin Supreme Court and a referendum that would change how Wisconsin selects a Chief Justice of the state Supreme Court.  Wisconsin Family Council has voter information on the two candidates and on the referendum.

To get our educational Voter Information Publication visit wifamilycouncil.org and click on the slide on the home page or call 888-378-7395 and request print copies. General voting information with sample ballots is available on our Election Central page HERE.  We urge all voters to get informed and then vote your values.

The Next Four Years in Wisconsin – what’s YOUR vision?


Elections Have Consequences

Tomorrow’s election will have much to do with the direction of Wisconsin for the next four years. Wisconsin Family Action reminds Wisconsin citizens that elections have consequences. And those consequences can be far-reaching and long-lasting. WFA further calls upon Christian voters to consider very carefully the kind of policies they want to see implemented and what they want Wisconsin to look like in the future. Julaine Appling, WFA president, encourages Christians to be involved in the process, “Our vote is our voice. Voting really shouldn’t be optional for Christians. The polls are open tomorrow from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. statewide. Christians should make sure they get to the polls, if they haven’t already voted—and they should call others to make sure they have voted. And by the way, taking kids to the polls is a terrific way for them to begin to understand the importance of being good citizens. Maybe voting should be a family outing.”


Access your FREE, personalized VOTER GUIDE HERE

Check out WFA PACs candidate endorsements HERE

Wisconsin Families Working Together Make a Difference in This Election

family (1)

Elections are GREAT Opportunities for Families

With an important election just 5 days away, Wisconsin Family Action/Wisconsin Family Council offers families some last-minute ideas for what they can do to make a difference. Ideas include campaigning together this weekend as a family for a candidate they support—knock on doors, hand out literature, make phone calls. Have older kids call through the church directory and simply remind everyone to vote on Tuesday. Make homemade yard signs and put them in the yard reminding people to vote. Julaine Appling says, families really can have an impact on this election.

Julaine Appling, president of WFA/WFC states, “Elections are a great opportunity for families to instill in their children an appreciation for and an excitement about elections in this great republic. They should sense from their parents that voting is an important responsibility and that every vote matters. Doing election related activities together builds memories and really can make a difference in an election.”

Vote PRO-LIFE on November 4, Election Day in Wisconsin!

Newborn baby lying in a blanket



We are down to DAYS before the Fall General Election. Have you armed yourself with solid information before casting your vote, your voice at the ballot box?


Click HERE: WFA Voter Guide


  • Share the WFA Voter Guide information with everyone you know AND

Early Voting Ends THIS Friday; How May We Help You?

We are only DAYS away from another historical election in Wisconsin!


ElectionVoteEARLY VOTING ENDS at close of business FRIDAY, October 31.

Why vote early?

  • Illnesses and emergencies come up; that’s a fact of life. Voting early assures your voice will be heard regardless of what comes your way!
  • Perhaps you will be out of town, out of state or out of the country on Election Day.
  • Busy schedules don’t always allow families to do those things that must be accomplished on a set date; early voting lends convenience to everyone!
  • Even with the best of intentions, Election Day may pass by unnoticed until it is too late to exercise your opportunity to exercise your voice at the polls.

For more information about Early Voting in Wisconsin, click HERE.


Have you accessed your FREE, PERSONALIZED Voter Guide yet?

Vote with confidence: Know before you vote!

Dem v Rep Boxing Ring RESIZEDHAVE YOU:

–Placed Election Day, Tuesday, November 4, on your calendar?

–Reminded friends, neighbors, and family members of their civic duty to exercise their voice at the polls on November 4?

–Taken a look at your FREE, personalized WFA Voter Guide?  Quick, at-a-glance ratings of the candidates on YOUR ballot!

–Invited others to go to the polls with you on Tuesday, Election Day?  Go out for coffee, lunch, or ice cream afterwards!

–Prayed for the outcome of the elections next week?

–Considered forwarding this newsletter to others so they may have access to comprehensive information before casting their ballot on Election Day?  (Thank you!)

WISCONSIN: How do your candidates rate? Here’s how to find out!

After hundreds of hours of careful research and evaluation by WFA staff and volunteers from across Wisconsin, WFA’s extensive Online Voter Guide is ready and available!

WFA VG SCREENSHOTS2WFA’s Voter Guide provides evaluations of the candidates on your ballot, along with the background information you need to make an informed decision when you cast your vote.  The candidates are rated on a scale of “Very Liberal to “Very Conservative” making it easy for people to get a general idea before voting.

Vote ratings, endorsements, candidate statements on the issues, and more are available for you to review – all in ONE CONVENIENT PLACE!

All you have to do is LOG IN HERE, enter your address, and the WFA Voter Guide will do the rest!

You can access the November 2-14 WFA Voter Guide directly by clicking HERE!


  1. Please share this link with your friends and family so that they, too, can acess this very useful voter information resource.
  2. Download copies of WFA’s Voter Guide for other voters in your district, then hand them out!
  3. Sign up for our weekly Family E-Connection HERE for updates, information and news you can use on issues that are important to you!
  4. Call our office at 608-268-5074 for questions or assistance.  WFA stands ready to help you during election season, and every day!

Wisconsin Family Action PAC Endorses Scott Walker for Governor

Governor Walker’s work on behalf of Wisconsin’s families warrants another term

Governor Scott WalkerMadison— Today Wisconsin Family Action PAC announced its endorsement of Scott Walker for Wisconsin governor. Julaine Appling, WFA PAC director, commented:
“Time and again over the last four years, Scott Walker has shown that he understands that Wisconsin’s best resource is her married dad-and-mom families. When these families are strong and independent, Wisconsin is strong.  (more…)

EARLY In-Person Voting in Wisconsin Begins MONDAY 10/20

Box_VoterGuide_2014Can’t get to the polls on November 4 for Wisconsin’s General Election?


Simply drop in at your nearest clerk’s office and vote during regular business hours from

Monday, October 20 through Friday, October 31.


***Click HERE for your PERSONALIZED Statewide VOTER GUIDE!***

Click HERE for more information about early in-person (absentee) voting and where to vote.

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