Today Planned Parenthood announced that it will resume performing abortions at its Madison and Milwaukee clinics next week despite the fact that Wisconsin’s abortion ban is still in effect. This is devastating news for innocent preborn children and Wisconsin mothers who deserve better than abortion.

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin stopped performing abortions following the U.S. Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade over a year ago. The decision reinstated a pre-Roe abortion ban in Wisconsin, permitting the procedure solely in cases where the mother’s life is at risk.

Democrat Attorney General Josh Kaul has contested the abortion ban, but the legal case is still ongoing, and we believe the issue could eventually reach the state Supreme Court.

However, Tanya Atkinson, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood, falsely asserted that the ban is no longer enforceable, and that “staff can now provide the full scope of sexual and reproductive health care to anyone in Wisconsin who needs it, no matter what.”

Immediately following Planned Parenthood’s announcement, Governor Tony Evers released a statement in support of the decision:

 “Today’s announcement from Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin as a result of our lawsuit regarding Wisconsin’s criminal abortion ban means Wisconsinites will once again be able to access vital reproductive healthcare and abortion services without exception for the first time since June of last year,” he said. “This is critically important news for Wisconsin women and patients across our state who, for a year now, have been unable to access the healthcare they need when and where they need it.”

Wisconsin Family Action (WFA) vehemently opposes Planned Parenthood’s decision to illegally resume performing abortions in Wisconsin. Abortion is the intentional killing of an unborn child. It is not healthcare. WFA also strongly condemns Governor Evers decision to support such lawlessness.

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin is prioritizing profit over the rule of law while Governor Evers prioritizes a radical progressive agenda over the right to life and fulfilling his duties as governor.

There is no question that Wisconsin’s pre-Roe abortion ban is still in effect, meaning every innocent preborn life is protected by the law.

Regardless of how all this ultimately plays out, Wisconsin Family Action will continue to fight for the dignity of every preborn child and advocate for the support of every woman facing a crisis pregnancy, while being firmly committed to the rule of law in Wisconsin.

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