Wisconsin Family Action Denounces Dane County Resolution
“Sanctuary County” status harms rather than helps children

MADISON – Dane County is poised to be the first in the nation to declare itself a “sanctuary county” for “transgender and nonbinary” individuals, including children.

The county board is scheduled to vote on the resolution today. The resolution indicates Dane County is committed “to protect transgender and nonbinary individuals and believes that access to health care is a fundamental right and all people in Dane County and the State of Wisconsin should have access to all health care, including gender affirming care.” (Emphasis added.)

Julaine Appling, president of Wisconsin Family Action, responded to the Dane County proposed resolution.

“Dane County needs to quit trying to turn Wisconsin into California.

Wisconsin Family Action is most disturbed by the inclusion of children in this ‘sanctuary county’ idea.

While the rest of the country (18 states and counting) works to protect children from experimental and dangerous transgender interventions, Dane County is revealing its intention to leave children who identify as transgender with permanent scars—both physical and emotional—all before they are old enough to vote or process whether they want to have children of their own.

What Dane County is really supporting is experimentally halting a child’s natural progression through puberty, sterilizing her with cross-sex hormones, and removing both her breasts before she finishes high school. America and Wisconsin understand this is extreme behavior, and we will stand proudly on the side of protecting children every day.

There are 6400[1] children identifying as transgender in Wisconsin. Dane County is determined to send them all down a one-way road to transition that ends in sterilization, mutilation, and  regret. We will stand in the gap for these kids and fight for their right to grow up whole and receive real help—not the harm of transgender procedures.

This move by Dane County should be a wake-up call to concerned citizens and elected officials. We need legislation to protect these vulnerable children, not a ‘sanctuary county’ that condones such egregious medical practices.

Rather than following Dane County’s ill-conceived idea, Wisconsin’s other 71 counties should pass resolutions that denounce what Dane County is doing and assure citizens that they stand on the side of protecting the bodies and minds of children, ensuring they have the best opportunity to grow up intact. Wisconsin Family Action stands ready to help both the legislature and the 71 other counties protect our children.”


Wisconsin Family Action, Inc. is a statewide organization engaged in strengthening, preserving, and promoting marriage, family, life, and religious freedom in Wisconsin.

[1] https://williamsinstitute.law.ucla.edu/publications/trans-adults-united-states/

Copy available PR_WFA_061523.

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