Madison – Wednesday, news broke that the Wisconsin Supreme Court has reached a decision to hear an original action brought forward by Planned Parenthood to “find” a right to abortion in the Wisconsin state constitution.

The draft order was leaked to media outlets. This has become a concerning trend in our legal system particularly surrounding decisions on abortion, and we support the investigation to uncover these efforts to undermine the court.

All three pro-life groups have joined together to block Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin’s attempt to insert a right to abortion into the Wisconsin Constitution. They are being represented by The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) and the Thomas More Society. 

There is no right to abortion in the Wisconsin Constitution, and it is the role of Wisconsin’s elected representatives to create policy on abortion – not the courts. All three pro-life organizations have been working for years to offer alternatives to abortion and help Wisconsin women make life-affirming decisions. 

In response, Heather Weininger, Executive Director of Wisconsin Right to Life stated, “Radical pro-abortion providers are trying to bypass the legislative process and weaponize the court system to enshrine abortion access on demand. They are putting the lives of Wisconsin’s most vulnerable at risk. We are very disappointed by this leaked decision.”

Daniel Degner, Interim President of Wisconsin Family Action stated, “We are deeply disturbed by the report that the court will reject our opportunity to intervene in the case and represent the interest of life-affirming Wisconsinites. Quite plainly, the Wisconsin Constitution does not grant a right to abortion, and we will continue to present this fact to the court.”

Dan Miller, State Director at Pro-Life Wisconsin stated, “Planned Parenthood’s insistence on looking to the Wisconsin Supreme Court to legislate from the bench by finding a ‘right’ to abortion in our State Constitution does not surprise us–they kill babies for a living! Their aim is to create a fundamental right to kill your baby up until birth. However, we live in a constitutional republic where the rule of law should be held to the highest standard. This circumvention of the legislative process is unconscionable. It should repulse every Wisconsinite.”

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