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On Tuesday, 9/22, the Senate Committee on Human Health and Service held a public hearing on Senate Bill 260 (companion AB 305 – bans the sale and use of the body parts and tissues of aborted babies) Senate Bill 237 (companion AB 310 – redirects about $7.5 million annually of taxpayer money away from Planned Parenthood of WI), and Senate Bill 238 (companion AB 311 – bans family-planning centers from overbilling the state for drugs they dispense). WFA attended the hearing and testified in favor of the bills along former Iowa Planned Parenthood manager Sue Thayer and Alliance Defending Freedom Attorney Natalie Decker who specializes in exposing Planned Parenthood’s fraud and abuse.

Click HERE to read all three WFA testimonies.

Click HERE to watch the meeting on Wisconsin Eye.

“If for no other reason than good financial stewardship these bills should move quickly through the state legislature, “says Julaine Appling, WFA president, “Sadly, Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) has claimed there are not enough votes in the Assembly to schedule a vote on AB 305/SB 260, the ban on sale and use of baby body parts and tissue for research. Rep. Joel Kleefisch (R-Oconomowoc) disagrees and has said ‘you either believe that it’s OK to procure baby body parts from abortions or not.” We agree.

We are calling on Republican leadership in both the Assembly and the Senate, as well as Governor Walker, to fully support these proposals without compromise. It’s time that Planned Parenthood of WI stops receiving tax dollars from Wisconsin’s hardworking families. It’s time to stop the shenanigans.”

Right now we have a golden window of opportunity in Wisconsin to make sure that abortionists and researchers in our state may no longer traffic in aborted baby body parts and to also significantly defund Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin.

Here is what you can do to help.
Contact your state legislators!

Please contact your legislators—no matter their political party—and ask them to support and move these bills forward quickly (more information on these bills is below):

AB 305/SB 260 – Ban on Trafficking of Aborted Fetal Body Partsauthored by Reps. Jacque and Kleefisch

AB 311/SB 238 – End Planned Parenthood’s Overbilling of Medicaidauthored by Rep. Jacque

AB 310/SB 237 – Defund Planned Parenthoodauthored by Rep. Jacque  UPDATE: PASSED in Assembly 9/24; moving to Senate


Click here and go to “Find my legislators” to get phone contact information for your senator and representative and give them a call. We’d love to have you do that! A phone call is even more effective than an email. BUT, what’s really important is that you contact your legislators on this–and soon. Ask them to support these bills!

CLICK HERE to partner with us to help defend life and DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD in WISCONSIN!



Do you have a Twitter account? TWEET out pro-life messages using hashtags #DefundPPWI! Sample tweets may be found HERE.

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