“Houston, we have a problem!” Those words came from Apollo 13 as the astronauts headed towards a major disaster—a disaster that was averted because of the quick responses by both astronauts and NASA headquarters in Houston. Imagine if either had ignored the problem.

Well, we have a problem in Wisconsin and in America right now…and it’s up to us working with our great God to deal with it.

Today is the first day of our statewide mandate from Governor Evers regarding “facial coverings,” part of his second Public Health Emergency declaration dealing with COVID-19. We believe the emergency declaration itself is an overreach of the governor’s authority. If nothing else, this is a great reminder that elections have consequences—huge, far-reaching, long-lasting consequences. And we are on the brink of crucial elections!

We cannot ignore the problem!  We need to act NOW. We are the astronauts here—and God is “Houston,” if you will.

Friends, we have a truly awesome, “big” God!  We need to pray to our pray-hearing, prayer-answering God; and we need to act. We need to put faith, feet and, yes, finances, to our prayers.

Wisconsin Family Action and Wisconsin Family Council have a solid, aggressive election plan built on proven, cutting-edge strategies and tactics and on our years of experience in making a difference in elections. We will do everything we can to get President Trump re-elected and to keep conservative majorities in our state legislature for GOOD consequences.

Wisconsin is a targeted state both for the presidential election and for those wanting to turn our state legislature from red to blue. That’s a problem! But with your help, working together, we can ensure that doesn’t happen.

Elections are expensive, with this election likely the most expensive in history because the stakes are so high. Our election plan starts at $300,000 over and above our normal budget. To fully implement our plan will take considerably more. But $300,000 ensures we are in the game.

Today we are launching our “Big Goal. Bigger God” campaign. (Or maybe we should call it, “Houston, we have a problem”!) We are asking for 300 people in The Badger State to commit to a $1000 investment for our election work—work that won’t happen without you!

Why 300? Well, remember when God pared Gideon’s army to just 300 special soldiers for an important victory?  We are looking to build a modern-day Gideon’s Army—right now, starting today, with 300 special, engaged and motivated people who understand WE HAVE A PROBLEM and who want to be part of the solution.

You can invest $1000 (or more if you are especially blessed) in a single gift, pledge to give the $1000 over the next 4 months or even combine with others to get to $1000. (As always, we are grateful for investments of any amount—no gift is too small or too large.) We welcome everyone to be a part of this “Big Goal. Bigger God” effort and watch what God does with a even a small group of people! 

“Wisconsin, we have a problem!” Be part of the solution by faithfully praying and by financially investing. Trust our “bigger God” with this “big goal” and be part of this unique Gideon’s Army!

God bless you and yours!


Julaine K. Appling

PS.  We already have $10,000 committed from 10 people on our board and our staff who joined me in immediately saying, “I want to be part of this unique Gideon’s Army and trust God to make this big goal.” So now we need just 290 people! Join us!

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