Like so many others, we were wondering where Governor Evers has been, especially while destructive mobs were destroying state property in our capital city.

We agree with the governor in his statement released today that violence against people and property is wrong. We are glad that the two statues toppled and damaged by the mob last night have been recovered, but we remain incredulous about where the Capitol police were as all this was happening. Why was this openly defiant and destructive mob allowed to destroy these statues and threaten to break into the capitol itself? Where were the police? Where was the governor?

When the seat of our state government is threatened, it is the governor’s job to do what needs to be done to thwart destructive efforts. It’s not as if the governor didn’t know these folks were set on major mischief. They have been talking openly about their plans for days.

A press release is just words. We trust the governor really is prepared to call on the National Guard and will hold the police department accountable for what they permitted last night and for the plans they have to prevent any further destruction to what is really part of our state’s noble and good heritage and history.

Concerned citizens are encouraged to contact the governor (608-266-1212; and urge him to do everything he can and should do to ensure that no more damage is done to state property which is essentially owned by “we the people” of the state of Wisconsin.

Photo courtesy: AP

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