HWH GRAPHICTo Members of the Wisconsin State Legislature:

We urge the passage of AB 305/SB 260 to uphold the integrity of medical research, which is intended to heal without harm, for the following reasons:

Ethical, effective alternatives to abortion-derived fetal tissue exist and more will be discovered if researchers strive to heal without harm.  The dependence of fetal tissue research on the abortion industry helps to legitimize abortion and further embed it in our educational and medical institutions.

An aborted unborn child did not consent to his or her destruction. Full respect for our aborted brothers and sisters demands that they receive a proper burial, not dissection and experimentation.

Human beings must never be treated as a means to an end, however noble.

Wisconsin has an extraordinary opportunity with AB 305/SB 260 to lead the nation by championing research that is ethical, innovative, and effective. Such a commitment to heal without harm would truly uphold our state’s proud tradition of social justice and respect for human life.

Respectfully, Heal Without Harm Coalition Media Contacts:

Pro-Life Wisconsin – Matt Sande –, 262-352-0890
Wisconsin Catholic Conference – Barbara Sella –, 608-257-0004
Wisconsin Family Action – Julaine Appling –, 608-334-6435
Wisconsin Right to Life – Heather Weininger –, 414-778-5780

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