Madison, WI – Wisconsin Family Action Federal PAC (WFA PAC) released the following statement from WFA PAC director Julaine Appling, regarding Ted Cruz winning Wisconsin’s Republican Presidential Primary yesterday. 

“WFA PAC congratulates US Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) on his great victory in Wisconsin yesterday. We believe this happened largely because the citizens of our great state recognized that Sen. Cruz is the only candidate that has the character, the temperament and the right values to lead America. In addition, the voters understand that Sen. Cruz can win in the all-important November election.

“We are honored to have endorsed Sen. Cruz. As we watched him in Wisconsin, our beliefs were confirmed. He repeatedly demonstrated that he is uniquely equipped to govern this country as a principled leader who follows the Constitution. Sen. Cruz truly desires to limit government and empower ‘we the people.’ It was refreshing to have a candidate, especially a presidential candidate, speak openly and unapologetically in support of traditional marriage and family, the sanctity of human life and religious freedom.

“Wisconsin citizens showed that they want a leader who will inspire hope and confidence and who will also restore common sense and the rule of law. Ted Cruz is that leader. We invite others here in Wisconsin and around the country to join us in our support of Ted Cruz for president of this great and exceptional country.”

Online Copy available here.

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