From the desk of Julaine Appling, WFA president:

Alert1By now you have probably seen or heard about the horrifying videos from the Center for Medical Progress, catching top abortionists in Planned Parenthood callously discussing the harvesting and selling aborted baby body parts.

Like me, I am sure you’re mortified, incensed and upset. I can’t watch them without tears. But I am pleased to let you know you can help us put an end to this practice in The Badger State! Right now we have a window of opportunity in Wisconsin to make sure that abortionists and researchers in our state may no longer traffic in aborted baby body parts and to also significantly defund Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin.

Here is what you can do to help. Contact your state legislators! Rep. André Jacque (R-De Pere) is seeking fellow cosponsors for his bills by August 6. It is important that as many legislators as possible cosponsor these bills so that the leadership in the legislature will make them a top priority. Please contact your legislators—no matter their political party—and ask them to cosponsor these bills (more information on these bills is below):

LRB 1645 – Ban on Trafficking of Aborted Fetal Body Parts, authored by Reps. Jacque and Kleefisch

LRB 2675 – End Planned Parenthood’s Overbilling of Medicaidauthored by Rep. Jacque

LRB 2674 – Defund Planned Parenthood, authored by Rep. Jacque 

Click herclick here righte to send an email message to your state senator and state Assembly representative. It’s really easy! And you can edit the message we’ve supplied any way you would like. In fact, we encourage you to do so.

Or if you prefer, click here and go to “Find my legislators” to get phone contact information for your senator and representative and give them a call. We’d love to have you do that! A phone call is even more effective than an email. BUT, what’s really important is that you contact your legislators on this–and soon.

Thank you for standing up with us for life! You are a blessing and are incredibly important in our joint partnership to enact laws that protect human life.

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