On Tuesday, 9/22, the Senate Committee on Human Health and Service held a public hearing on Senate Bill 260 (bans the sale and use of the body parts and tissues of aborted babies) Senate Bill 237 (redirects about $7.5 million annually of taxpayer money away from Planned Parenthood of WI), and Senate Bill 238 (bans family-planning centers from overbilling the state for drugs they dispense). WFA president Julaine Appling attended the hearing and testified in favor of the bills.

Read the testimonies here:

Testimony on SB 260, click HERE “Aborted babies are not commodities to be transferred on the open market, even for scientific purposes.”

Testimony on SB 237, click HERE  “I have included with my testimony a map with the current locations of the eighteen service sites (nine of which are Planned Parenthood clinics) that currently receive the Title X funding, as appropriate by Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin.”

Testimony on SB 238, click HERE  “While family planning clinics may not have been trying to purposely defraud state taxpayers, their questionable billing practices are in fact a misuse of Medicaid funds in Wisconsin.”

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