The Senate Committee on Health and Human Services will hold a public hearing on Senate Bill 286 this Wednesday, November 20, at 10:00 a.m. in Room 411 South of the State Capitol. Senate Bill (SB) 286, authored by Senator Kathy Bernier (R-Chippewa Falls), is the companion bill to Assembly Bill (AB) 304, legislation permitting pharmacists to prescribe and dispense hormonal contraceptive patches (the Patch) and self-administered oral hormonal contraceptives to persons 18 years of age and older. Currently, these contraceptives may only be prescribed by a physician.

  • Please ATTEND the public hearing and testify or register against SB 286.
  • If you are unable to attend the public hearing, please CALL or EMAIL your state senator TODAY and urge him/her to “Oppose AB 304 & SB 286.” 
  • Don’t know your state senator? Go to and type in your home address under “Who Are My Legislators” or call the Legislative Hotline: 1-800-362-9472.
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