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We Stand w NC UNBRANDED (1)

The Obama Administration is bullying our friends in North Carolina,
and we need your help!

As you may remember, Charlotte passed a city ordinance that would’ve threatened women and children’s privacy and safety by permitting men to access their restrooms and locker rooms if they simply claim to identify as female. Thankfully, the North Carolina legislature acted quickly to protect their citizens and passed a law simply undoing the unsafe Charlotte ordinance and ensuring that schoolchildren all across the state would not be forced to encounter someone of the opposite sex in their restroom or locker room.

And, North Carolina’s Governor Pat McCrory has stood strong defending this law protecting the safety and privacy of women and children, despite being bullied by the media, celebrities and businesses making false claims about the law.

But now the Obama Administration sent a letter on May 4th to Governor McCrory threatening over $1 BILLION in federal education funding for North Carolina’s schoolchildren if North Carolina refuses to agree with Obama’s bathroom agenda.

Yes, you read that correctly. The Obama Administration is threatening every child’s education if Gov. McCrory doesn’t permit men to go into girls’ bathrooms because some of them might identify as transgender! And, the Obama Administration said Gov. McCrory has until Monday, May 9th to respond!

This must be stopped, and we need to stand with Gov. McCrory and the families in North Carolina TODAY!

Here’s how you can help (pick 1 or more!) today!

  1. Please call Gov. McCrory’s office at 919-814-2000. Tell him to stand strong against the Obama Administration’s bullying, and that you stand with him in protecting women & children in NC!
  2. Tweet to Gov. Pat McCrory thanking him for standing strong!
    Use his handle:  @PatMcCroryNC
    Use this hashtag:  #istandwithpat
  3. Consider sending Gov. McCrory a thank you card!
    NC Governor Pat McCrory
    20301 Mail Service Center
    Raleigh, NC 27699-0301

Here at Wisconsin Family Action, we have been working hard to protect women’s and children’s safety and privacy, including trying to pass, with State Rep. Jesse Kremer (R-Kaukauna), a Student Privacy Protection Bill. The bill died because too many Republicans backed away from it. However, this issue is not going away; not in North Carolina, not in Wisconsin–not anywhere. These questions beg to be asked, “Where does this stop?” “Who stops it?” “How far will we go as a society with the idea that whatever someone identifies as, we all have to accept and accomodate?” What we need to do now is stand strong with North Carolina and Governor McCory.

Thank you for helping our friends in North Carolina!  And, remember when others in the country stand strong against the pressure to permit men in women’s restrooms and locker rooms for the sake of political correctness, that helps our efforts here in Wisconsin.

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