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US Attorney General William Barr (photo, left) put the left into a veritable tailspin when he recently addressed students at Notre Dame Law School. His topic was religious freedom. He spoke about the moral decay in America and the wreckage it has caused and is continuing to cause. He discussed the “growing ascendancy of secularism and moral relativism,” and said the difference between what has happened in other times and now is “the force, fervor, and comprehensiveness of the assault on religion,” stating “[t]his is not decay; it is organized destruction.”

While this speech angered liberals, it should encourage Christians. AG Barr rightly notes that from the Founding Era onward, “[t]he imperative of protecting religious freedom was not just a nod in the direction of piety. It reflects the Framers’ belief that religion was [and we would add is] indispensable to sustaining our free system of government.”
Read the transcript of AG Barr’s speech HERE

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