fetalpain2The House of Representatives, this week, approved a pro-life bill that bans abortions from after 20 weeks of pregnancy up to the day of birth with exception for in cases of rape, incest for minors, and life of the mother.  The vote for the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act broke down on mostly partisan lines with Republicans supporting the ban on late-term abortions and Democrats opposing it. Should the Senate approve the bill, President Barack Obama has threatened to veto it.

“We are not thrilled with the exceptions in this bill—because no matter how a baby is conceived, they feel pain—and this bill should be about the baby, not the mother or the method of conception, “says Julaine Appling, WFA president, “However, we are pleased all 5 of the Wisconsin Republican representatives voted “yes.” It’s sad that not one of the 3 Democrats from Wisconsin voted to protect unborn children from pain.”

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