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Wausau_School_District_emblemTONIGHT, Monday, September 12, the Wausau School Board will consider for the second time guidelines regarding giving special rights and protections to transgender students. These guidelines use the letter circulated to all US school districts by the federal government last May as the primary reason for this action. However, in a case involving Wisconsin, a federal judge recently put a hold on the implementation of the financial threats made in this letter—threats of withholding federal funds if schools don’t provide these special rights and protections.

HERE IS THE LINK to the draft  of the Administrative Guidelines for Compliance with the Office of Civil Rights with regard to Transgender Students Associated with Policy 5400 Equal Educational Opportunities Compliance Statement that will be read for the second time at the Wausau District School Board Meeting.

PARENTS AND TAXPAYERS NEED TO SHOW UP AND STAND UP at this meeting in an effort to preserve the privacy rights of the students they serve.

Here are some helpful resources that may be helpful in assisting to those who would take a moment during the public speaking portion of the meeting to address the Wausau School Board – CLICK HERE.

We know this is happening in Wausau. It’s undoubtedly happening in many other Wisconsin school districts and we just don’t know about it. Parents of students in the public schools need to remind school officials that with this federal judge’s decision there is no reason whatsoever to rush into these dangerous policies that trounce on the privacy rights of the majority of students.

Last week in an email and in a letter we sent through USPS, we launched a campaign to raise $100,000 as soon as possible, certainly over the next couple of months. The email theme was “Big Goal. Bigger God.” The letter’s theme was “storming the gates of hell…with a squirt gun.” We are excited to report that to date we have had 10 people give $1000 or more, and they have been joined by many others who have given as well. As of today, God has, through His people, seen fit to have just over $20,000 of the $100,000 be invested in either Wisconsin Family Action and Wisconsin Family Council! We have a ways to go, to be sure, but we thank all of you have invested thus far; and we invite others to prayerfully join us in this challenge.

UPDATE 9/13/2016: 

“A group of parents and community members came out in force Monday to protest the Wausau School District’s new rules that allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their chosen gender — regardless of their gender at birth.” Read the rest of the article from the Wausau Daily Herald HERE.

WFA president Julaine Appling states, “This meeting was a great example of what can be accomplished when people work together. Once citizens found out about these guidelines, they began to take action—letting others know about the guidelines and the board’s plan to have them on the agenda. I hope these citizens will continue to be involved. This issue is far from over in Wausau or any other district. The well-being of all students is at stake.

CallToAction_Donate_270Read BIG GOAL, BIGGER GODHERE.

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