Too many parents are cavalier about porn and their children. The attitude that “it won’t happen to mine” is very dangerous. The concerned mom in the article we link to below calls for getting radical about protecting children. To be sure the porn industry is radical about exposing them to its vile corruption and making them addicts. We strongly urge parents to take this issue seriously and take action now.

Read “Protecting Our Kids From Pornography” HERE.

Some key ideas from this article:

Pornography is linked to the objectification of women, violent sex and rape, adultery, depression, suicide, sex trafficking and child pornography. That’s the radical truth they need to know. As much as you don’t want to let them know those facts, they need to. Especially if they are going to have a fit when you hand them a flip phone.

*Create a radically different approach to technology use in your home when your kids are young, so that becomes their norm. It will make it so much easier when they get older. Make a plan now and enact it, so you don’t have to back track later.

*Build a community of parents around you who share the same ideas about porn protection so that your kids have friends who talk and play with each other, instead of hanging out on their phones together.

*Don’t let your kids use tablets or laptops with internet access unsupervised. We don’t own tablets in our home, but our kids do use our laptops. They only use them in the room with me, never alone. And they let me know ahead of time what they will be searching, and I decide if they need me to look with them.

*Make sure any smart phone, tablet, or tablet your child uses has restrictions on it. Take it one step further and install something like Net Nanny to really provide protection for your kids if they are online.

*Don’t get your kids a smart phone. Flip phones are a fantastic alternative if you need to be able to keep track of your kid or have them call you when they need a ride home. Flip phones do exist. You just have to look a bit harder for them.

*Or, if your kid wants something for music, audio books, or taking photos etc, give her an ipod. She will have no wifi outside your home, or no wifi at all unless you enable it. Put every stinking restriction on that iPod, or only turn on wifi while she downloads a book or a song. Then you turn that wifi off and she just has a device for listening to music or books and for taking pictures.

*Don’t let your kids have Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat (duh!) or any of the other social media accounts that have porn hidden in them, or provide opportunities for sending nudes or sexting, and are just a gateway to things your kids need nothing to do with.

*Don’t let your kids text members of the opposite sex on their own device. Wait WHAT?? Yep. I told you, we can’t be afraid to be radical. Here’s how we do it in our home. If you want to text to a boy or girl, use mom or dad’s phone. I know it sounds crazy. And at later date, my kids will all be able to text members of the opposite sex on their own devices. When they get one. But right now, they can just use mine. And guess what, if you enact this rule, your kids are way less likely to send or receive sexts. Just sayin.

*When friends or guests come visit your house, don’t allow their phones or tablets in your children’s bedrooms. You can invite them to leave their phones in a safe place in your living room or some other public part of your house. Then, if they want to use it or show your kids something on their device, they can do it out in the open, with you around. Not only does this offer a layer of protection from devices without restrictions or filters, but it also encourages real connecting between your kids and their friends. No one can get lost in their phone. They actually have to talk and play together!

*Don’t let your kids play video games. Oh man, I said it. We are a video game free family. And I have to tell you, its fantastic. If you can’t do a total break up with video games, at the very least, be extremely aware of what your kid is playing. If they’re playing a game with sexualized images of women, toss that game! Many video games objectify women and parents don’t even think about the messages their sons and daughters are absorbing from seeing those images over and over again.

*Don’t let your kid have headphones on constantly. How about making rules like,”we talk to each other in the car”, or “we talk to each other when we go grocery shopping”. I can’t tell you how sad I am when I see kids and parents living life side by side and never talking to one another.

*Communicate openly with other parents about your convictions in the area of pornography protection. That means asking what filters and restrictions are in place when your child goes to their home. And what access their children have to the internet. Because if their children have access, so do yours. You have to be willing to be uncomfortable in these conversations, because I guarantee, it will be uncomfortable sometimes.

*Don’t let your own struggles with pornography keep you from talking to your kids about it. Lets be real here, a lot of parents, dads and moms, watch pornography. Many don’t want to, but they struggle with the addictive qualities of pornography. But if that’s your story, it doesn’t have to be your kids’ story! Help them escape the trap you’re in and have a healthy relationship with sexuality.





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