Madison –  Wisconsin Family Action president Julaine Appling issued the following statement commending the Wisconsin Senate for passing two bills dealing with public funding of abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin.  The Senate passed Assembly Bill 310 which redirects federal Title X funds away from organizations that provide abortions and to other qualified health centers in the state. The other bill, Senate Bill 238, stops organizations that provide abortions from overbilling the state for drugs they buy inexpensively through a Medicaid program and then dispense.  Both bills passed on 19-14 votes, with all Senate Republicans voting for the bills and all Senate Democrats voting against them.  Assembly Bill 310 passed in the Assembly last fall and will now go to the governor for signing.  Senate Bill 238 heads to the Assembly for a vote.

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Victory For Life! 2 Pro-life bills PASS in Wisconsin Senate

defund ppToday the WI State Senate voted on two bills (AB 310 and SB 238) that together will redirect millions of taxpayer dollars away from Wisconsin’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood. The bills will stop over $7 million a year from going to the abortion giant. One bill redirects federal Title X money to health centers that don’t provide abortions, and the other stops organizations that provide abortions from overbilling the state for drugs they purchase and dispense. Julaine Appling, president of Wisconsin Family Action, was present for the votes.

SB 238 PASSED in WI Senate 18 AYE, 14 NO; SB 238 prohibits family-planning organizations, including Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, from overbilling the state for drugs they purchase and dispense through a Medicaid program.

AB 310 PASSED in WI Senate 19 Aye, 14 NO; AB 310 redirects money from the federal Title X grant program away from Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin.

Julaine stated, “We are especially thankful for Sen. Chris Kapenga the author of the bills and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald for getting these bills to the floor. All the Senate republicans voted for both bills and all the Senate democrats voted against them.  The assembly passed the Title X bill last fall; so now it is headed to the governor for signing. The overbilling bill still needs a vote in the Assembly.”

Read full WFA press release commending the Wisconsin Senate on their votes to defund Planned Parenthood HERE.


Suicide #2 Cause of Death Among Teens in WI: Parents Are Best Defense

teen-depression1-216x300From Family Studies:

Pundits and sociologists who scratch their heads at the teen suicide phenomenon don’t even take into account the growing popularity of making suicide legal. And to be sure, suicide is seeing a P.R. boon.

Just how related the rise of assisted suicide, championed by so many of today’s overachieving elites, and the contagion of teen suicide are, we don’t know. But how can we as a society fight one kind of suicide while enabling another?

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“Suicide is the second leading cause of death among teens in Wisconsin,” says Julaine Appling, president of WFA, ” Fortunately, right now we don’t have legalized physician assisted suicide, but you can be sure teens are listening to the discussions. Parents are the best defense teens have. They can create an open and supportive family climate and help their teens deal appropriately with pressure.”

BREAKING: 2 Pro-Life Bills Go To WI Senate Floor TODAY


Two pro-life bills are on today’s Senate calendar:

Senate Bill 238 – Relating to: billing the Medical Assistance program for prescription drugs by certain entities.

Assembly Bill 310 – Relating to: family planning and preventive health services grants and granting rule-making authority

wisconsin eye11 a.m. – Tune in to WisconsinEye if you would like to Listen Live



WFA president Julaine Appling, “Today the WI State Senate will vote on two bills (AB 310 and SB 238) that together will redirect millions of taxpayer dollars away from WI’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood. We are thankful for senate leadership, Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, and Senate President Mary Lazich, for scheduling these votes. The state Assembly has already passed AB 310. Presumbably that one will be headed to the governor this week.”

Decriminalization of Prostitution Does NOT Empower Women

Family_Research_Council_Logo (1)From Family Research Council:

Amnesty International recently made a declaration to support the full decriminalization of prostitution. This should concern everyone who believes in human dignity and the rights of women.

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“What could be more wrong-headed, dangerous and more indicative of where our culture is headed than this idea?” says Julaine Appling, president of Wisconsin Family Action, “Parents need to be sure they are doing everything they can to prepare their children for living, surviving and even thriving in the midst of such a society.  Talk to your children; teach your children; pray for your children. Churches need to support parents in this responsibility. “

National School Choice Week begins January 24

School Choice Week - All Options

National School Choice Week begins January 24

This week highlights and champions all the educational options available to parents in the various states. Wisconsin has long been a leader in school choice. Currently, Wisconsin offers the following educational options in addition to the traditional public school. Public school open enrollment, public charter schools, public magnet schools, public online learning, traditional private schools, private schools that are part of the voucher program, and homeschooling. For more information on these call 888-378-7395.

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Saturday, and EVERY DAY, is Religious Freedom Day

religious freedom

Saturday, January 16, is Religious Freedom Day.  January 16 is the anniversary of the passage, in 1786, of the Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom. This statute became the basis for the establishment and free exercise clause of the First Amendment of the US Constitution.  Religious Freedom Day is officially proclaimed by the President of the United States each January 16.  Last year, President Obama issued the official proclamation on January 15.

“Frankly, I think religious freedom should be celebrated and more importantly protected and practiced every day,” says Julaine Appling, WFA president, “Our founders called it the ‘first freedom.’  Presidential proclamations notwithstanding, we know religious freedom is under assault in our country. We have to do more than set aside a day to commemorate this foundational right and freedom.”

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Pro-life Groups Hold Rally in Bitter Weather; Scores Brave the Cold

Rally for Life 2016Today scores of pro-life Wisconsin citizens, in bitterly cold temperatures, gathered at the state capitol in Madison for a brief outside rally for life.  The Rally for Life was sponsored by the state’s 3 leading pro-life groups, Wisconsin Family Action, Pro-Life Wisconsin and Wisconsin Right to Life.  Speakers included leaders from these organizations as well as the legislators who authored  pro-life bills that are pending in the state legislature. After the outside rally, those attending went inside to visit their legislators and urge them to support these bills.

Julaine Appling, president of Wisconsin Family Action, said, “We are so grateful for those brave folks who joined us! The opportunity to pass these bills ends no later than the middle of March. Now is the time for the legislators to know the people of this state want these bills to pass. The bills stop millions of taxpayer dollars from going to Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin.”

View photo album on Wisconsin Family Action’s Facebook page HERE.


Rally for Life Time Change!


Who: All pro-life Wisconsin citizens! Sponsored by Pro-Life Wisconsin, Wisconsin Family Action, Wisconsin Right to Life


12 noon – 1:00 p.m.  – Rally outside at King Street Entrance to State Capitol. Pro-life leaders and authors of AB 305/SB 260, AB 310/SB 237, and AB 311/SB 238, as available, will speak.

1:00 p.m.- 2:00  p.m. – Visit legislative offices urging legislators to put the bills on the floor.


Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2016, 12 noon – 2 p.m. (TIME CHANGE)


King Street Entrance to the State Capitol, Madison, WI



There are three strong pro-life bills in our state legislature that need to pass before this legislative session ends.

Assembly Bill 305/Senate Bill 260 bans the sale and use of the body parts of aborted babies in Wisconsin.

Assembly Bill 310/Senate Bill 237 redirects money from the federal Title X grant program away from Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin.

Assembly Bill 311/Senate Bill 238 prohibits family-planning organizations, including Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, from overbilling the state for drugs they purchase and dispense through a Medicaid program.

Media Contacts:

Matt Sande – Pro-Life Wisconsin – msande@prolifewisconsin.org – 262-352-0890

Julaine Appling – Wisconsin Family Action – jkappling@wifamilyaction.org – 608-334-6435

Heather Weininger – Wisconsin Right to Life – hweininger@wrtl.org – 414-778-5780

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WFA Launches Ad Calling on Speaker Vos to Schedule Vote on Pro-Life Bill

Press release from Wisconsin Family Action:

Madison – Starting yesterday on WTMJ in Milwaukee and also airing this week in the greater Green Bay area, Wisconsin Family Action is sponsoring television commercials urging Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) to put Assembly Bill 305 (AB 305) on the floor for a vote. The bill bans the sale and use of the body parts of aborted babies. The television ad shows a preborn baby alive and active in his mother’s womb but who is very much at risk for being aborted and then having his body parts harvested and sold.

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Watch the ad HERE.

Milwaukee TV Stations Refuse Pro-Life Ad During Prime Time

Via MediaTrackers:

A pair of Milwaukee television stations have told two pro-life organizations they can’t buy airtime during select news programming because the advertisement they want to air is not approved by station management. Fox6 and WISN have both declined to air an advertisement sponsored by Wisconsin Family Action and Pro-Life Wisconsin even though the ad is very similar to other political and issue ads run by other organizations. The topic of the ad is AB 305, a measure that seeks to stop aborted fetal body parts from being used in scientific and medical research in Wisconsin.

Fox6 and WISN have both declined to air an advertisement sponsored by Wisconsin Family Action and Pro-Life Wisconsin even though the ad is very similar to other political and issue ads run by other organizations. The topic of the ad is AB 305, a measure that seeks to stop aborted fetal body parts from being used in scientific and medical research in Wisconsin.

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IT’S NOT TOO LATE! According to Speaker RobinVos, the discussion on AB 305 (bans the sale and use of fetal body parts) is “ongoing” and he is suggesting “compromise” on the bill. MAKE YOUR CALL TODAY (608) 266.9171. ASK Rep. Vos to schedule AB 305 for a vote NOW.

12 noon – 12:30 p.m.  – Rally outside at King Street Entrance to State Capitol. Pro-life leaders and authors of AB 305/SB 260, AB 310/SB 237, and AB 311/SB 238, as available, will speak. (Due to the very cold temperatures, we will keep the outdoor rally to a strict 30 minutes. We will be handing out FREE HAND WARMERS to all attendees! Dress warmly!)

12:30 p.m.- 2:00  p.m. – Visit legislative offices urging legislators to put the bills on the floor.



Lombardi Ave & Sex Trafficking? We Get What We Promote

If you’ve recently been to a football game at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, you may have noticed right next to the stadium an over-sized billboard advertising a sexually oriented business. WFA president Julaine Appling witnessed this billboard this past weekend while attending a Packer game and in this week’s “Wisconsin Family Connection,” discusses the effects of these businesses on men, fathers and families, drawing a direct correlation to sex trafficking in Wisconsin.

Julaine_Appling_Wisconsin Glasses 2013.jpg“Communities where such businesses are located are often impacted in ways many people don’t realize. For instance, did you know that these places are very much linked to sex trafficking? Research and investigation show that the young women and even minor girls who get caught in the growing sex trafficking industry, including here in Wisconsin, are often put to work in these clubs where they become hostesses, servers, dancers and, of course, prostitutes.”

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Click HERE for resources on pornography addiction and recovery.

WFA Responds to US Senate Vote on ObamaCare & Funding for Planned Parenthood

WFA_logoMadison – Wisconsin Family Action (WFA) issued the following statement in response to yesterday’s vote in the U.S.  Senate on a bill that repeals much of the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. “ObamaCare) and defunds Planned Parenthood.

“Wisconsin Family Action has long urged our Wisconsin congressional delegation to respect the rights and liberties of our state’s citizens by repealing ObamaCare and defunding the nation’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood. Earlier this week, WFA joined numerous other conservative leaders in signing a letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), calling on him to speedily pass this legislation.  We commend, Senator McConnell and the 51 other Senate Republicans, including Wisconsin’s Ron Johnson, who voted in favor of this bill.

“ObamaCare is fraught with issues for everyone from the average Wisconsin family to large corporations to not-for-profit faith-based organizations to large corporations. Americans don’t need the heavy hand of government forcing them to make health insurance choices. The U.S. House has voted numerous times to repeal this onerous law; it’s encouraging the Senate finally did the same.

“Our elected officials should have pulled the plug on public funding for Planned Parenthood long ago. The Senate and the House are right to stop giving this abortion –providing, scandal-ridden organization taxpayers’ hard-earned money and redirect it to women’s health care organizations that provide far greater health benefits to women than Planned Parenthood does.

“While we recognize the harsh reality that President Obama will veto this bill, we are encouraged by the leadership in the Senate (and earlier in the U.S. House) putting the bill on the floor so that all of America can see where their elected officials stand on these important issues as we head into a critical election year.”

Read the official press release HERE.


President Obama “woefully misunderstands” Thanksgiving

President Obama has issued his Thanksgiving Proclamation for 2015. If his proclamation was our only instruction about Thanksgiving, we would think it is just about “generosity and partnership” rooted in the cooperation between the Pilgrims and Native Americans. He does make a brief mention of George Washington’s reference to God in his proclamation, and he reminds us that Lincoln called on Americans to “‘commend to [God’s] tender care’ those most affected by the violence of the time – widows and orphans…”
Unfortunately, he refocuses Thanksgiving to be a time of “lifting one another up, enjoying time with those around us, and appreciating all that we have” – including “cheering on our favorite sports teams.” He confuses what people do on the holiday with why we, as a nation, have the holiday.
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thanksgiving religious timeline cover banner for fb scripture cover photo for facebook
“Fortunately, President Obama’s woeful misunderstanding of Thanksgiving doesn’t stop families from gathering tomorrow and purposefully giving praise and thanks to God for Who He is, for His Salvation and for His blessing throughout this year,” says Julaine Appling, president of WFA, “All of us at Wisconsin Family Action join you in that and wish you and yours a blessed Thanksgiving!”

Appling Hopes “Choose Life” license plates get a “go” this session in Wisconsin

From LifeNews.com:

A Nevada state government committee recently approved pro-life license plates that will spread the message of life and help support pregnant moms and babies.

The state Commission of Special License Plates voted 3-1 to approve the plates last week,according to a report by Nevada NPR.

A preliminary design of the plates show the photo of a baby and the words “Values Life.” Money from the sale of the new plates will be used to help pregnant and parenting moms and their children through the pro-life Women’s Resource Medical Centers of Southern Nevada, according to the report.

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choose life“I love these Choose Life license plates, ” says Julaine Appling, Wisconsin Family Action president, “They promote the pro-life message and bring a legitimate funding stream to pregnancy resource centers that are all about the health and well-being of pregnant women and their babies.  We’re still trying to get such a plate in Wisconsin. Unfortunately, Republican leadership in our state legislature has killed the bill twice.  Hopefully this session will be different.”

Wisconsin Family Action Supports Privacy for All Students

Press release from Wisconsin Family Action:

Madison – Yesterday, Julaine Appling, President of Wisconsin Family Action (WFA), testified before the Assembly Committee on Education in support of Assembly Bill 469, the Student Privacy Protection bill. Appling released the following statement after testifying: “This is an extremely important matter for public school students and their parents in Wisconsin. For the last year and a half, our office has been contacted by parents, grandparents and taxpayers from school districts throughout Wisconsin, all of them concerned about the liberties their school district policies are taking with children’s bodily privacy in bathrooms and locker rooms. Senator Steve Nass and Representative Jesse Kremer introduced Assembly Bill 469, which directs school districts to make the privacy of all children a priority. It limits sexsegregated restrooms to the members of the corresponding biological sex and requires districts to make singlestall facilities or faculty facilities available to any student—via an amendment—on the request of a parent or guardian.

Read full press release HERE.

Read WFA president Julaine Appling’s testimony HERE.

Wisconsin Family Action Testimony on Student Privacy Protection Bill AB 469

Testimony in Favor of Assembly Bill 469
Assembly Committee on Education
Public Hearing, November 19, 2015
Julaine Appling
President of Wisconsin Family Action

Chairman Thiesfeldt and members of the committee, thank you for the opportunity to speak in favor of Assembly 469. I am Julaine Appling, president of Wisconsin Family Action, Wisconsin Family Action supports Assembly Bill 469 and respectfully requests your support of this important bill for the following reasons. (more…)

Appling: NARAL’s New Program a “seemingly caring act” that encourages abortion

booties on a background of a pregnant woman lying on a bed

Rather than offering resources to help moms and babies, a radical pro-abortion group is giving Wisconsin women free food and shelter if they abort their babies.

Julaine K. Appling, president of Wisconsin Family Action, said NARAL’s new program is a “seemingly caring act” that encourages abortion.

“NARAL Pro-Choice’s new plan actually highlights what we’ve been saying all along—abortion isn’t just life-ending for the baby, it’s traumatic for the woman,” Appling said.

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Wisconsin Student Privacy Protection Bill Addresses War On Children

“Dear parents, when you vote next November, please remember which party wants your daughters to share their school locker rooms and showers with boys.

That’s right, the Obama administration’s Department of Education Office of Civil Rights (OCR) recently ruled that Township High School District 211 in Palatine, Illinois must give a transgender kid, who was born a male and still has the private parts to prove it, unrestricted access to the girls’ facilities or they lose millions in federal funding.”

Read the rest of this “letter” HERE. (more…)

Families that build faith witness positive results

A study published earlier this year in the journal Religions shows a strong correlation between children attending church and early alcohol use and later development of alcohol problems.  The researchers encouraged those dealing with persons struggling with addictions and related mental health issues to consider being more inclusive of patients’ religious and spiritual beliefs and practices as they attempt to help them recover.

Click HERE to read the study.

Julaine Appling, president of Wisconsin Family Action, states, “Extrapolating a bit on this report, I believe it’s safe to say we once again see the importance of dads and moms going to church with their children. In a state like Wisconsin, where alcohol and alcohol abuse are at nearly epidemic levels, with teen drinking being an alarming reality, parents who want to help protect their kids in this area will make church attendance a high priority.”

Feds Use Bullying Tactics to Jeopardize Privacy Rights of Students

Recently, the U.S. Department of Education found a Chicago-area school district discriminated against a so-called transgender student by failing to provide “her” full access to girls’ locker rooms. Read more HERE.

The Weekly Standard reports:

The case out of Illinois is the latest controversy since the Obama administration’s Department of Justice and Department of Education have ruled that anatomically male teenagers who think they’re girls have the right to shower and change clothes in girls’ locker rooms.

WFA president Julaine Appling says, “We are trying to address this in Wisconsin with a bill that requires school districts to designate sex-specific restrooms, locker rooms, etc., while also making single-occupancy facilities available for students whose parents request such. The Obama administration is being its normal bullying self and is just fine with jeopardizing the privacy rights and perhaps even safety of the vast majority of students.”

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