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Who is next group of people to be offered on altar of scientific research?

Planned-ParenthoodFrom Alliance Defending Freedom:

MADISON, Wis. – An Alliance Defending Freedom public records request has revealed that Planned Parenthood’s Wisconsin affiliate provided researchers at the University of Wisconsin–Madison with the hearts and brains of unborn babies up to 18 weeks old and within five minutes of being aborted despite the fact that both UW and Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin have denied any such exchange.

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“Clearly both UW Madison and Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin lied,” says WFA president Julaine Appling, “Perhaps they would say they were meaning no one profited from the exchange? What does that mean? We contend even if no money was exchanged, this disrespects human life. This practice is a dangerous slippery slope. Who is the next group of people who will be offered on the altar of scientific research?”

Women/babies WIN: Abortion “services” in Wisconsin continue to dry up

Great news in Wisconsin for women and babies!

The death knell has been silenced at the Grand Chute Planned Parenthood. On October 14, the Appleton North Health Center stopped putting the kibosh on babies’ lives.  Reportedly, all abortion “services” have come to a halt, though the so-called health clinic says they plan to continue with the grisly practice again in six months.

As Planned Parenthood is feeling the pinch of squelched taxpayer funding across our nation, your voice is the driving factor behind the victories we are hearing about each day – death camps closing, babies given a chance at life. Thank you!

Here in Wisconsin, three pro-life bills are now awaiting the full Senate. Two of these bills deal directly with over $7 million of YOUR tax money going to Wisconsin’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin. NOW is the time to say something!

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take-action-now2.pngIf you haven’t done so already, please contact your legislator about these bills. As you can see, YOUR VOICE really DOES make a difference! Save time and CLICK HERE to use our pre-formatted email TODAY. It’s easy, and it only takes a few minutes.

Senate Committee Gives 3 Pro-Life Bills the Thumbs Up

Today the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services passed (3-2) three pro-life bills without making any changes that:

  1. ban the sale and use of aborted fetal body parts and
  2. defund Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin of approximately $8 million annually.

Senate Bill 260 prohibits the sale and use of aborted fetal tissue.

Senate Bill 237 would redirect federal Title X family planning funds away from organizations that perform abortions and funnel it to clinics that do not provide abortions.

Senate Bill 238 would eliminate overbilling of Medicaid drug reimbursements.

The bills will now move on to the full Senate for a public hearing and vote.

Wisconsin Family Action president Julaine Appling said, “We are very grateful Senator Vukmir called for this vote in her committee and that Senators Terry Moulton and Devin LeMahieu joined her in voting these bills out of committee. That’s important step to clear the way for the entire Senate to pass them. The question now is will Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald let the bills go on the floor for a vote.”

Click HERE to find out how YOU can help support LIFE in Wisconsin!

Former Packers’ Great Calls on State Legislature to Act on Pro-Life Bills

Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila (KGB) says it’s time for Wisconsin to respect human life & the taxpayers

Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila (KGB) with family

Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila (KGB) with family

Madison, WI – Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila, known to millions of Packers fans as KGB, has something he wants Wisconsin citizens to hear:  “When it comes to football, I’ve been known to put pressure on the quarterback. Pressure didn’t always get sacks, but it made opponents move. It messed up their plays. It caused havoc for their game plan. Pressure changes the game! So Wisconsin citizens—it’s time to put pressure on our elected officials and get some critical pro-life bills passed.  We need our legislators to move now and put the bills on the floor and take the votes.”

KGB is referring to two bills that have been bogged down in the State Assembly. Assembly Bill 305 would ban the sale, use and/or experimentation using the body parts or tissue of aborted babies.  Assembly Bill 311 would prohibit family-planning organizations, including Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, from overbilling the state for drugs purchased through a Medicaid drug program.

“I called my representative, Majority Leader Jim Steineke. I’ve worked with Jim during elections and other times because he’s said he’s pro-life. I was shocked to hear him tell me they didn’t have the 50 votes needed to pass Assembly Bill 305 and that the author had to assure him of 50 votes before the bill would be put on the floor.  I got the sense that no one in Assembly leadership was willing to help get the votes. I called another representative in leadership too; he wasn’t interested either in stopping the trafficking of human baby body parts in our state.  I’m stunned that at least 13 Republicans in the Assembly are apparently not as pro-life as I thought they were.” commented KGB.



Wisconsin’s Golden Opportunity for LIFE


On Tuesday, 9/22, the Senate Committee on Human Health and Service held a public hearing on Senate Bill 260 (companion AB 305 – bans the sale and use of the body parts and tissues of aborted babies) Senate Bill 237 (companion AB 310 – redirects about $7.5 million annually of taxpayer money away from Planned Parenthood of WI), and Senate Bill 238 (companion AB 311 – bans family-planning centers from overbilling the state for drugs they dispense). WFA attended the hearing and testified in favor of the bills along former Iowa Planned Parenthood manager Sue Thayer and Alliance Defending Freedom Attorney Natalie Decker who specializes in exposing Planned Parenthood’s fraud and abuse. (more…)

BREAKING: House Votes to DEFUND Planned Parenthood


The House of Representatives voted today for legislation that would temporarily de-fund Planned Parenthood while an investigation continues into it s sale of aborted babies and their body parts.

The House voted 241 to 187 for the bill with 239 Republicans voting for the bill to defund the Planned Parenthood abortion business and 3 Democrats joining them. Three Republicans voted against the defunding bill while 183 Democrats voted against it. Republican Steve King of Iowa vote present. (SCROLL TO BOTTOM to see how your House member voted).

Read the rest HERE.

Wisconsin: CALLS NEEDED NOW! Time to BAN the trafficking of the body parts of aborted babies


It’s time to ban the trafficking of the body parts of aborted babies.

Earlier this week, the Assembly Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety (Rep. WI CAPITOL.jpgJoel Kleefisch, chair) voted to move Assembly Bill 305 (AB 305) to the full Assembly for a vote. This bill bans in Wisconsin what we have seen this summer in the Center for Medical Progress videos exposing Planned Parenthood horrifically trafficking in the body parts of the babies they abort. (more…)

ACT NOW: State Legislature To Hold Public Hearing on PRO-LIFE Bills Wednesday!

DEFUNDPPWIACT NOW: State Legislature To Hold Public Hearing on Bills Defunding Planned Parenthood of WI

YOU can make a huge difference in these bills!


This Wednesday, September 2, the Assembly Health Committee will hold a public hearing in the State Capitol on two bills (AB 310 and AB 311–see below for more information) that that will further defund Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin (PPWI), the state’s largest abortion provider.


1. ATTEND – If at all possible, please ATTEND the Assembly Health Committee PUBLIC HEARING this Wednesday in Room 417 North of the State Capitol Building at 9:00 a.m. and register in support of AB 310 and AB 311. You can register in support of the bills but not speaking, or you can register in support and indicate you want to speak. Most important is that you register in SUPPORT of the bills.
2. CALL/E-MAIL – If you cannot attend the public hearing, please CALL or EMAIL your state representative and state senator NOW and urge him/her to DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD OF WISCONSIN – PASS AB 310 & AB 311!

Simply tell him/her that “Abortion is NOT health care, and taxpayer funding of abortion providers violates my conscience.”

To find out who your state representative or state senator is, click HERE. In the space under “Find My Legislators,” type in your street address, city and zip code and hit “Find.” A map will come up and a box will show you your state senator and state representative and their contact information.


Authored by Representative André Jacque (R-De Pere), Assembly Bill (AB) 310 and Assembly Bill (AB) 311 together will eliminate approximately $7.5 million of taxpayer public funding from PPWI.

Wisconsin Family Action (WFA) president Julaine Appling with attend the hearing and give testimony in favor of both bills. In cooperation with our national ally Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), WFA is hosting Casey Mattox and Sue Thayer. Mattox, senior counsel with ADF, is a national expert on Planned Parenthood’s fraud and abuse of taxpayer dollars. Thayer is a former manager of Planned Parenthood of the Heartland clinic in Iowa. Both Mattox and Thayer will testify at the hearing on Wednesday.

Assembly Bill 310 would redirect federal Title X family planning funds away from Planned Parenthood of WI to public entities including state, county, and local health departments and clinics. Currently, more than $3 million annually in Title X funds are granted directly to PPWI. There are 162 federally qualified Health Clinics and Rural Health Clinics in WI where the money can go to assist low-income women can receive reproductive-related health care.

Assembly Bill 311 would dramatically reduce PPWI’s Medicaid reimbursement rate for contraceptive drugs, reimbursing them at the actual cost they pay for these drugs, not the artificially inflated rate they and other family-planning clinics are currently receiving. Rep. Jacque estimates this will eliminate $4.5 million from PPWI.

In 2011, WFA joined with other pro-life organizations, especially Pro-Life Wisconsin, in defunding PPWI of $1 million annually by redirecting funds from the state budget to other non-abortion-performing or referring health programs/clinics. The net result? Planned Parenthood of WI has closed 5 of their facilities around the state!  

Imagine what will happen when $7.5 million of your tax dollars is gone from PPWI! 

YOU can make this a reality!


Stop the UW in their tracks. Call your legislators TODAY and support AB 305 for LIFE!

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is ramping up to bully the state legislature into not passing the ban on the sale or use of the body parts of aborted babies. Read about it HERE.

We need pro-life citizens and pastors to call their legislators in support of this bill–AB 305. View the bill HERE.


CLICK HERE to go to the state’s legislative website. On the home page, type your address into the place where it says “Find my Legislators”. You will get names and contact info for your state rep and state senator.

Gov. Walker backs pro-life bills to stop taxpayer $$ from going to Planned Parenthood

Governor Scott Walker

Governor Scott Walker

Good news! Governor Walker has spoken publicly in support of Rep. André Jacque‘s (R-De Pere) bills to block taxpayer money going to Planned Parenthood.

From JS Online:

Gov. Scott Walker says he supports legislation that aims to block federal money from going to Planned Parenthood in Wisconsin.

Walker has repeatedly touted defunding Planned Parenthood in Wisconsin — or cutting off state funds to the group — on the campaign trail as he runs for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination.

When asked by a reporter Thursday about some federal money that still flows to Planned Parenthood, Walker said, “We have legislation up in the state right now that would ultimately prohibit that from happening in the state of Wisconsin.”

Asked whether he supports the bill, Walker said, “Yes, absolutely.”

Read more HERE.

Julaine Appling was pleased with this announcement stating, “These bills provide a window of opportunity in Wisconsin that assures taxpayers abortionists and researchers in our state cannot traffic in aborted baby body parts and also significantly defund Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, the state’s largest abortion provider. Protecting women and their health as well as the vulnerable unborn, while also safeguarding the tax dollars of Wisconsin’s hardworking families is a priority for Governor Walker. His public support for these bills goes hand-in-hand with what we know to be true – Wisconsin values life, from conception to natural death.”


Wisconsin Family Action Testimony in favor of AB 305

Testimony in favor of Assembly Bill 305
Assembly Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety
Public Hearing, August 11, 2015
Julaine Appling, President of Wisconsin Family Action

Chairman Kleefisch and members of the committee: thank you for holding a public hearing on this important bill, and for the opportunity to speak to you today. On behalf of Wisconsin Family Action, I am here to speak in favor of AB 305, the Aborted Fetal Body Parts bill. It is almost impossible for me to overstate how much our organization is in favor of this bill. (more…)

In Wisconsin, Planned Parenthood has been over-billing Medicaid; seeking illicit profit

” [The] deplorable practices at Planned Parenthood have been exposed to Americans,
and I have decided to stop any association with the organization in Alabama.” –Robert Bentley, Alabama governor

From Breitbart:

In the wake of the U.S. Congress’ inaction on defunding Planned Parenthood prior to the congressional summer recess, states continue to take matters into their own hands in cutting financial assistance to the abortion giant. On Thursday, Alabama became the third U.S. state in a week to withdraw funding from local branches of Planned Parenthood.

Read more HERE.

WFA_logo_50Julaine Appling, president of Wisconsin Family Action, states, “In Wisconsin, Planned Parenthood has been overbilling the state’s Medicaid program for drugs, once again seeking illicit profit. Rep. Andre Jacque’s bill to end this taxpayer abuse should sail through the state legislature with strong Republican leadership in both houses and in the Governor’s office. If it doesn’t, taxpayers should be very concerned.”

#DeFundPPWI Action Page – What YOU can DO


Act as a voice for the voiceless on social media.

Tweet using the hashtag #DefundPPWI

We’ll be using this hashtag as all three pro-life bills below move through the legislature.


Rep. André Jacque

Rep. André Jacque

Wisconsin’s pro-life champion Rep. Andre Jacque (R-DePere) is circulating three new bills for sponsorship. The new bills come in response to strong outrage elicited by undercover sting videos showing Planned Parenthood officials discussing the sale of body parts from aborted children.

View the videos HERE, HEREHERE(Warning: GRAPHIC), HERE , HERE and HERE.

“Rep. Andre Jaque is a prolife champion. We’re very pleased he is introducing these bills. With strong Republican majorities in both houses, we look for them to pass quickly in the state legislature. Since the Governor is pro-life and has been talking about defunding Planned Parenthood in all his speeches recently, I don’t see any reason he wouldn’t sign all three of them.” – Julaine Appling, WFA president

TAKE ACTION! Encourage others to contact their legislators (EASY click-and-send email HERE) and ask them to co-sponsor the following WISCONSIN pro-life bills:

LRB 1645/2 – Prohibiting the sale and use of aborted children’s body parts, requiring the determination and reporting of the aborted children’s gender, and establishing standards for the disposition of remains from aborted children. (This bill is co-sponsored by Rep. Joel Kleefisch)
LRB 2675/1 –  Requires that family planning clinics, most notably Planned Parenthood, which acquire drugs at the heavily discounted rates available through the Medicaid 340B program to bill Medicaid at the actual acquisition cost (rather than their current heavily inflated rate) plus a reasonable dispensing fee.  This change will bring Wisconsin in line with the majority of other states and save millions of taxpayer dollars.
LRB 2674/1 – Requiring the Wisconsin Department of Health Services to apply for and prioritize the use of federal Title X preventive health services grant funds. The state of Wisconsin, DHS, local public health agencies, and hospitals would all benefit from DHS taking control of Federal Title X funding allocated to WI, as well as mitigate the controversial subsidization of Planned Parenthood (WI’s largest abortion provider) that presently occurs. The sole grantee for the state of Wisconsin is currently Planned Parenthood, which receives more than $3 Million annually from Title X.
Surprised baby isolated on white




1.  EMAIL your legislator or call his/her office. EASY CLICK-AND-SEND EMAIL is already done for you HERE! Ask them to support these three pro-life bills TODAY.
2. Tweet your support for these bills (see sample tweets below); ask others to do the same.
3. Share this information on Facebook. Ask your FB friends to get on board and support these three pro-life bills TODAY!

The following list gives Sample tweets for your convenience. Simply copy and paste, then TWEET them out to your legislators and beyond! Edit as you like. 


EZ Tweets to defund Planned Parenthood in Wisconsin #DefundPPWI #wiright

STOP Planned Parenthood from killing babies for spare parts. #DefundPPWI #wiright

Why support an organization as controversial as Planned Parenthood.  #DefundPPWI #wiright

Who will speak for the unborn if we don’t. #DefundPPWI #wiright

It is horrible for the image of any company to support Planned Parenthood. #DefundPPWI #wiright

I am praying that Wisconsin will stop supporting violence. #DefundPPWI #wiright

Pro choice? Kidney, liver or heart? #DefundPPWI #wiright Support Rep Jacque’s pro-life bills

Selling off intact baby body parts is depraved, criminal, soulless, & wrong! #DefundPPWI #wiright

A child is a precious gift from God. #DefundPPWI #wiright Tell your legislator TODAY

I support Rep Jacque’s pro-life bills #DefundPPWI #PPSellsBabyParts #wiright

Please support Rep Jacque’s pro-life bills #DefundPPWI #PPSellsBabyParts #wiright

Wisconsin needs to break off all ties with Planned Parenthood. #DefundPPWI #wiright Support WI ProLife Bills

Women aren’t baby factories? Why does Planned Parenthood treat them that way? #DefundPPWI

Sale of baby body parts? Shut it down! #DefundPPWI #wiright

Killing babies for profit is EVIL. All lives matter. #DefundPPWI #wiright

Profit, not choice, is Planned Parenthood’s motivating factor. #DefundPPWI #wiright

Apparently the unborn don’t count as human but their organs sure do. #DefundPPWI #wiright

Freedom does not include the massacre, dissection & sale of the unborn. #DefundPPWI  #wiright

Are you a pro-life Wisconsinite? Say so! #DefundPPWI #wiright

Help to expose every organization that supports Planned Parenthood. #DefundPPWI #wiright

Most people believe in saving babys’ lives. #DefundPPWI #wiright

Are you donating money to Planned Parenthood? #DefundPPWI #wiright

I do not support those who dismember babies and sell their parts. #DefundPPWI #wiright

Planned Parenthood Exposed for selling body parts. Apologizes For ‘TONE’? #DefundPPWI #wiright

Wisconsin’s children deserve better from us. #DefundPPWI #wiright

How could anyone give money to an organization that chops up babies for parts? #DefundPP #wiright


National companies that support Planned Parenthood are listed below. Feel free to direct tweets to them. (See Twitter handles below)
(Note: To date, Xerox, Ford, and Coca-Cola have contacted Planned Parenthood and asked that they be removed from their website listing as donors.)
PP Donators