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Pro-life Groups Hold Rally in Bitter Weather; Scores Brave the Cold

Rally for Life 2016Today scores of pro-life Wisconsin citizens, in bitterly cold temperatures, gathered at the state capitol in Madison for a brief outside rally for life.  The Rally for Life was sponsored by the state’s 3 leading pro-life groups, Wisconsin Family Action, Pro-Life Wisconsin and Wisconsin Right to Life.  Speakers included leaders from these organizations as well as the legislators who authored  pro-life bills that are pending in the state legislature. After the outside rally, those attending went inside to visit their legislators and urge them to support these bills.

Julaine Appling, president of Wisconsin Family Action, said, “We are so grateful for those brave folks who joined us! The opportunity to pass these bills ends no later than the middle of March. Now is the time for the legislators to know the people of this state want these bills to pass. The bills stop millions of taxpayer dollars from going to Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin.”

View photo album on Wisconsin Family Action’s Facebook page HERE.


VIDEO: WFA President Says “Keep Pressure On” Wisconsin Pro-Life Legislation

The Wisconsin Department of Health released their latest report this week “Induced Abortions in Wisconsin” that reflects 662 babies were saved from abortions in the latest year for which abortion data is available compared with the year before. Specifically, 6,462 abortions were performed in 2013 and 5,800 in 2014.

Read the report HERE.

“While we grieve the thousands of babies aborted last year, this drop is truly significant,” says Julaine Appling, WFA president,”Pro-life efforts in our state are working. Laws such as requiring women seeking an abortion to have an ultrasound are making a difference. We need to keep the pressure on by passing Rep. Andre Jacques bills that will significantly defund abortion giant Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin.”

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 Julaine explains what YOU can do to preserve and defend LIFE in Wisconsin HERE in a short   video message!

Stop the UW in their tracks. Call your legislators TODAY and support AB 305 for LIFE!

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is ramping up to bully the state legislature into not passing the ban on the sale or use of the body parts of aborted babies. Read about it HERE.

We need pro-life citizens and pastors to call their legislators in support of this bill–AB 305. View the bill HERE.


CLICK HERE to go to the state’s legislative website. On the home page, type your address into the place where it says “Find my Legislators”. You will get names and contact info for your state rep and state senator.

Gov. Walker backs pro-life bills to stop taxpayer $$ from going to Planned Parenthood

Governor Scott Walker

Governor Scott Walker

Good news! Governor Walker has spoken publicly in support of Rep. André Jacque‘s (R-De Pere) bills to block taxpayer money going to Planned Parenthood.

From JS Online:

Gov. Scott Walker says he supports legislation that aims to block federal money from going to Planned Parenthood in Wisconsin.

Walker has repeatedly touted defunding Planned Parenthood in Wisconsin — or cutting off state funds to the group — on the campaign trail as he runs for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination.

When asked by a reporter Thursday about some federal money that still flows to Planned Parenthood, Walker said, “We have legislation up in the state right now that would ultimately prohibit that from happening in the state of Wisconsin.”

Asked whether he supports the bill, Walker said, “Yes, absolutely.”

Read more HERE.

Julaine Appling was pleased with this announcement stating, “These bills provide a window of opportunity in Wisconsin that assures taxpayers abortionists and researchers in our state cannot traffic in aborted baby body parts and also significantly defund Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, the state’s largest abortion provider. Protecting women and their health as well as the vulnerable unborn, while also safeguarding the tax dollars of Wisconsin’s hardworking families is a priority for Governor Walker. His public support for these bills goes hand-in-hand with what we know to be true – Wisconsin values life, from conception to natural death.”


Wisconsin Family Action Testimony in favor of AB 305

Testimony in favor of Assembly Bill 305
Assembly Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety
Public Hearing, August 11, 2015
Julaine Appling, President of Wisconsin Family Action

Chairman Kleefisch and members of the committee: thank you for holding a public hearing on this important bill, and for the opportunity to speak to you today. On behalf of Wisconsin Family Action, I am here to speak in favor of AB 305, the Aborted Fetal Body Parts bill. It is almost impossible for me to overstate how much our organization is in favor of this bill. (more…)