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teen-depression1-216x300From Family Studies:

Pundits and sociologists who scratch their heads at the teen suicide phenomenon don’t even take into account the growing popularity of making suicide legal. And to be sure, suicide is seeing a P.R. boon.

Just how related the rise of assisted suicide, championed by so many of today’s overachieving elites, and the contagion of teen suicide are, we don’t know. But how can we as a society fight one kind of suicide while enabling another?

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“Suicide is the second leading cause of death among teens in Wisconsin,” says Julaine Appling, president of WFA, ” Fortunately, right now we don’t have legalized physician assisted suicide, but you can be sure teens are listening to the discussions. Parents are the best defense teens have. They can create an open and supportive family climate and help their teens deal appropriately with pressure.”

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