Student Privacy/Government Overreach


From Alliance Defending Freedom:

We are living in a culture today where many have rejected biological realities and are demanding that society adapt to their perceived gender identity, regardless of their biological sex. As a result, an invasion of agenda-driven policies that open up restrooms, locker rooms, and shower facilities to members of the opposite sex are popping up across the country with no thought on how these policies affect the rest of the population.

From Wisconsin Family Action:

Just days after filing legal action against North Carolina for the recently enacted bathroom safety andBathroom 1 privacy law, House Bill 2, today the Obama Administration is attempting to force its “All In” bathroom policy on EVERY STATE in the nation. A joint press statement issued by the U.S. Departments of Justice and Education today seeks to provide “guidance” to all public schools, colleges and universities across the U.S. In the statement and related documents, the Obama Administration seeks full implementation of its radical and unlawful attempt to redefine the word “sex” in federal laws and regulations to include “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.”


>>>>>Read Wisconsin Family Action’s PRESS RELEASE HERE.



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Lawsuit filed on behalf of 63 minor female students in District 211 High School, Cook County, Illinois in Northern District of Illinois Federal District Court, 5/4/16 – CLICK HERE

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Department of Justice letter to NC Governor Pat McCrory, 5/4/2016 – CLICK HERE

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Alliance Defending Freedom lawsuit against US Departments of Justice and Education on behalf of North Carolina students and their parents – CLICK HERE

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PARTNER WITH WISCONSIN FAMILY ACTION: WFA IS THE ONLY ORGANIZATION in the state speaking up and pushing back against some of these issues we are experiencing today. WFA works hard on your behalf to strengthen, preserve and promote marriage, family, life and liberty in The Badger State. Invest in your family’s future by investing in Wisconsin Family Action today! CLICK HERE to make a secure donation.


CONTACT YOUR LOCAL SCHOOL BOARD: We will help you with the wording so that you may petition your local school board to take a stand against the Obama administration’s overreach. Demand that your local school district make a plan to protect ALL students. Contact WFA at 1-866-849-2536 OR by email at
Note: We will coordinate individuals within the same districts so you may share your petitions most effectively.

Schimel_4CONTACT ATTORNEY GENERAL BRAD SCHIMEL (photo, left): You can encourage State Attorney General Brad Schimel by sending him a note thanking him for standing up for the children of Wisconsin. We’ve made it easy through the Family Policy Alliance Action Center, our partners and allies.

CONTACT GOVERNOR WALKER: You may also call, email or write to Governor Walker and thank him for signing on with 10 other states on federal lawsuits that are taking a stand against President Obama’s decree that allows students to use the restroom that they “identify with.” CLICK HERE to read more. Click HERE for Governor Walker’s contact information.

CONTACT YOUR LOCAL ELECTED OFFICIALS: Let them know you are aware of this federal overreach. Urge them to join North Carolina in standing up to this blatantly unconstitutional over-reach by passing appropriate pro-active state legislation early in the next legislative session. Find your local elected officials by calling your city hall, town hall, or local municipality.

CONTACT YOUR ELECTED STATE REPRESENTATIVES: Ask for clarification on their positions regarding this issue. Ask them if they would support (co-author) legislation similar to that which is in place in North Carolina. Find your elected state representatives HERE and enter your address in the upper right-hand corner search bar.

TALK TO YOUR PASTORS AND CHURCH LEADERSHIP: If they aren’t already informed about these issues, share this information and ask them to consider discussing them from the pulpit, in small groups and/or other venues of communication. Ask them to lift our state and nation’s leaders in prayer and have others join them as well.