The last ten days or so have been historic for Wisconsin. A federal judge ruled restricting marriage in Wisconsin to one man and one woman is unconstitutional. The rule of law was put to the test as county clerks issue marriage licenses to people of the same sex. Legal maneuverings and pronouncements were every-day happenings.

The result: confusion on many levels.

Wisconsin Family Council has been involved with this issue from the beginning. Julaine Appling, our president, along with four board members of our sister organization Wisconsin Family Action, filed a friend-of-the-court brief in this case (and Judge Crabb referred to the brief in her ruling). All week we’ve been working with people in the administration and with our own attorneys to sort through what is happening and likely next steps.

Collision Course
No arrogant federal judge changes God’s definition of marriage. And such a ruling doesn’t impact our steadfast faith nor how we will individually and as Christian families conduct our own lives. However, much is at stake as a result of this ruling. Religious freedom and homosexuality are on a collision course. Individual rights and homosexuality are as well. The answers to all of this still rest in Almighty God.

Statewide Day of Prayer and Fasting, Thursday, June 19
We invite you to join with us as we observe a Statewide Day of Prayer and Fasting THIS Thursday, June 19. As Christians, we are told to pray about everything, including those who govern us. We hope you will set aside at least portions of this day to fast and pray:

  • for Wisconsin
  • for the judges involved in this case
  • for the attorneys defending the constitution and the amendment
  • for churches and pastors whose voices we so desperately need in this hour
  • for those who have been taken captive by the lies of Satan on this issue of homosexuality

There’s much to pray for and about. May we intercede with faith and importunity on behalf of God’s plan for marriage and family here in Wisconsin. We encourage churches to share this information with their church family so that many others will join us in prayer for our state. If you plan on being part of this Statewide Day of Prayer & Fasting, we’d love to hear from you. Send us an email.

While these are challenging and confusing days, as Christians we do not fear or despair. We get informed and we pray, confident that God is truly in control of all of this and is bringing to pass His grand design and plan to perfection. We want to encourage you and give you up-to-date information so that you can be prepared and encouraged. Thank you for standing for marriage, family, life and liberty!

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