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religious freedom

Saturday, January 16, is Religious Freedom Day.  January 16 is the anniversary of the passage, in 1786, of the Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom. This statute became the basis for the establishment and free exercise clause of the First Amendment of the US Constitution.  Religious Freedom Day is officially proclaimed by the President of the United States each January 16.  Last year, President Obama issued the official proclamation on January 15.

“Frankly, I think religious freedom should be celebrated and more importantly protected and practiced every day,” says Julaine Appling, WFA president, “Our founders called it the ‘first freedom.’  Presidential proclamations notwithstanding, we know religious freedom is under assault in our country. We have to do more than set aside a day to commemorate this foundational right and freedom.”

Click HERE to learn more about what YOU CAN DO to promote religious freedom in America.

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