Sanctity of Human Life Sunday commemorates the anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade (January 22, 1973) that legalized abortion on demand in our country. Since then, approximately 57 million lives have been lost to abortion.

On January 13, 1984, President Ronald Reagan issued a proclamation designating January 22 as the first National Sanctity of Human Life Day. (January 22, 1973, was the day the U.S. Supreme Court legalized abortion-on-demand in all 50 states.) Churches around the United States use the day to celebrate God’s gift of life, commemorate the many lives lost to abortion, and commit themselves to protecting human life at every stage.

Churches continue to recognize the third Sunday in January as Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.

“I think it’s altogether appropriate that ‘Sanctity of Human Life Day’ is held on a Sunday and is primarily observed by churches,” says WFA president Julaine Appling, “I hope churches all across our state will take time to mention this matter this coming Sunday. If the Christian church doesn’t take a leading role on proclaiming the truth about human life, the people will listen to the loudest voice which is the culture at large and the media – both of which have the wrong message.”

What you can do:

  • Read more about “Sanctity of Life Sunday” HERE.
  • Talk to your pastor or church leadership about recognizing “Sanctity of Life Sunday” this week.
  • Ask others to commit to praying for the unborn.
  • Pray for expecting mothers who are contemplating abortion.
  • Pray for our woman-helping, life-saving Pregnancy Resource Centers and their staff and volunteers.
  • Come alongside a single mother who may be struggling; lend a hand, encourage and pray for her.
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