Dear Julaine:

You people work so hard for our religious freedom and moral values. The family eConnection is great! Because of what you do, I’m doubling my monthly giving.

I am a Viet Nam Army veteran. When I joined the Army, I took an oath to defend the constitution. To me, the constitution stands for life, freedom, and truth. Now we have a commander-in-chief (Obama), along with other State and local officials, who stand against life, freedom, and truth. Against life: they favor pro-choice; against freedom: they control our businesses with regulations and take over private enterprise company’s along with a whole host of other subjects: against truth: what God calls truth in the bible, they call it lies – i.e. gay marriage, etc.

I ashamed of my fellow veterans, friends, and those who call themselves Christians, who by their vote traded the righteousness of Jesus Christ for their party affiliation, their union, their color, their entitlements and other selfish reasons. Thank God there are organizations like WFC and others who stand for TRUTH.

Unless there is a revival, a renewal, or a great church awakening, I have predicted that by the 100th anniversary of Perl Harbor (Dec. 7th, 2041) the men who spilled their blood on the beaches of Normandy and other places defending life, freedom, and truth, they will have died in vain. What a tragedy – for America and especially for our grandkids.

Please continue to try and wake up the weak church in America. Thanks for all you do.

Richard Hinrichs
April 7, 2014

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