Wisconsin Family Action (WFA):  SCOTUS to decide same-sex marriage for all Americans: WFA responds

Wisconsin Family Council (WFC): SCOTUS Decision 2015: Marriage on Trial (VIDEO)

Barnes, Robert (Washington Post): A fresh face emerges as a leader in the movement against same-sex marriage 


CitizenLink Report: Marriage Decisions (VIDEO)

Other voices weigh in on Supreme Court marriage decisions

Daily Signal (Heritage Foundation): 

My Father Was Gay: Why I Oppose Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage

Don’t Silence the 50 Million Who Voted for One-Man, One-Woman Marriage

DeMint, Jim  Why you should march for marriage (VIDEO)

Dr. James Dobson, Family Talk: Supreme Court Ruling on Gay Marriage, Part 3 (AUDIO)

Family Research Council: 

Ruse, Cathy: Why Should 5 Justices Decide on Same-Sex Marriage for the Country?

Sprigg, Peter, Linton, Paul: The Wrong Argument for Traditional Marriage

Focus on the Family:

SCOTUS and gay marriage: No court can change the truth

FOTF president Jim Daly responds to SCOTUS decision to hear marriage cases

Gacek, Chris (Family Research Council): Upcoming marriage case puts court’s credibility at risk

Hadro, Matt (Catholic News Agency): SCHOLARS: No legal right to ‘gay marriage’ in Constitution

Liberty Counsel: Supreme Court Marriage Brief Addresses Kinsey Fraud

Diverse Faith Community Warns Supreme Court Not to Cross the Marriage Redline

Largest Hispanic Evangelical Organization Draws the Line on Marriage

McDowell, Stephen (American Family Association): “We the People” or “We the Judges”?

Metaxas, Eric (Religious Freedom Coalition): The shifting definition of religious freedom

Moore, Russell (Christian Post): Marriage and the Supreme Court: A Call to Prayer

Stonestreet, John  (BreakPoint AUDIO): Redefining marriage redefines parenthood

Stossel, John (TownHall.com): Freedom of and freedom from religion

Walton, Brandi (The Federalist): The Kids are Not Alright; A Lesbian’s Daughter Speaks Out


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