Pro-Family PAC Issues Final Endorsements for Fall General Election

Madison – Wisconsin Family Action Political Action Committees (federal and state, WFA PAC) today released the complete list of candidates they have endorsed for the fall general election.

                                                                        WFA Federal PAC


President                                                                                     US House of Representatives

Donald Trump                                                                          Scott Fitzgerald – Congressional District 5

Glenn Grothman – Congressional District 6

                                                                                                         Tom Tiffany – Congressional District 7


                                                                           WFA State PAC                                     

                                                                                State Senate

Alciro Deacon – Senate District 6

Joan Ballweg – Senate District 14

Scott Barker – Senate District 16

Duey Stroebel – Senate District 20

Dan Kapanke – Senate District 32


                                                                               State Assembly  


Shae Sortwell – Assembly District 2                                                       Michael Schraa – Assembly District 53

Ron Tusler – Assembly District 3                                                            Rachael Cabral-Guevara – Assembly District 55

Rob Hutton – Assembly District 13                                                         Dave Murphy – Assembly District 56

Joe Sanfelippo – Assembly District 15                                                   Timothy Ramthun – Assembly District 59

Janel Brandtjen – Assembly District 22                                                  Robert Brooks – Assembly District 60

Dan Knodl – Assembly District 24                                                          Donna Rozar – Assembly District 69

Paul Tittl – Assembly District 25                                                             Scott Soik – Assembly District 71

Terry Katsma – Assembly District 26                                                     Chuck Wichgers – Assembly District 83

Cody Horlacher – Assembly District 33                                                 Mike Kuglitsch – Assembly District 84

Barbara Dittrich – Assembly District 38                                                James Edming – Assembly District 87

Alex Dallman – Assembly District 41                                                    Scott Allen – Assembly District 97

Jeremy Thiesfeldt – Assembly District 52

Julaine Appling, Director of WFA PAC, commented on the endorsements:

“Our PACs are looking for candidates who meet our rigorous criteria for endorsement—candidates with either proven track records of promoting and defending in every way marriage, family, life, and religious freedom, as well as our system of free enterprise, or those new candidates who are at least strongly ‘talking the talk’ on these issues. We believe this slate of candidates lives up to that standard. We urge voters in their districts to support them in every way during these final days before the election.”


Authorized and paid for by Wisconsin Family Action PAC; Leslie Harrison, Treasurer, and Wisconsin Family Action Federal PAC; Leslie Harrison, Treasurer.  Not authorized by any candidate or by any candidate’s agent or committee.

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