Pro-Family PAC Endorses Donald Trump for President

Madison – Wisconsin Family Action Federal Political Action Committee (WFA PAC) announced today that it has endorsed Donald Trump and his candidacy for the 2020 presidential election.

Julaine Appling, Director of WFA PAC, commented on the endorsement:

“During his first term in office, President Donald Trump has shown that his campaign promises were more than empty rhetoric. Time and again President Trump has taken action on issues of paramount importance to our organization and to the tens of thousands of Wisconsin citizens who engage with us.

“In his policies, President Trump has kept his promises to defend innocent human life; restore and respect religious freedom; promote school choice; befriend and defend Israel; cut taxes; improve the nation’s overall economic position; deregulate businesses; and in general make America great again both at home and abroad.

“Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, under President Trump’s leadership America enjoyed the highest median income, the lowest levels of unemployment, and the strongest economy ever recorded, lifting millions of Americans out of poverty.  President Trump has a proven track record that has rebuilt the middle class, and we believe the continuance of these policies will provide the best path to recover from the aftermath of COVID-19.

“President Trump’s ability to get things done in Washington is unprecedented. He has fought for and stood up for marriage, family, the sanctity of human life, and religious freedom time and again. It is on the basis of his leadership and promises kept that Wisconsin Family Action Federal PAC is proud to endorse President Trump in his re-election bid this fall.

“Regardless of who ends up running against President Trump, the contrast will be stark on these core issues. We want Wisconsin citizens to know early-on that we wholeheartedly endorse what this president has done on the issues of greatest concern to us.  President Trump’s policies have shown an incredible regard for the nation’s most valuable natural resource—our families. No other viable presidential candidate has done or will do that.

“We urge Wisconsin citizens to join us in championing the policies of President Trump and ensuring he is given four more years to keep America great.”


Authorized and paid for by Wisconsin Family Action Federal PAC, Leslie Harrison, Treasurer.  Not authorized by any candidate or by any candidate’s agent or committee.

Copy Available Online HERE.

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