Says he will sign “born-alive” Executive Order

MADISON, WI – Earlier today President Trump via a previously recorded video for the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast, said he would be signing an Executive Order that would ensure babies who somehow survive a grizzly abortion receive medical care just as do babies who are born in other circumstances.

Calling the order the “Born-Alive” Executive Order, the president declared “the eternal truth that every child, born and unborn, is made in the holy image of God” and vowed that he will “always defend the sacred right to life.”

Congress has tried several times to pass “born-alive” legislation, but the bill has never made it through both houses.

“Protecting life is always right regardless of when or where,” commented Julaine Appling, president of Wisconsin Family Action. “President Trump has an extraordinary track record of matching his actions to his words on this foundational issue. As an organization dedicated to protecting the sanctity of human life, we are incredibly grateful for this pro-life announcement.

“What the president has said and the order he is going to sign stand in stark contrast to what Governor Evers did when he was presented a born-alive bill from our state legislature earlier this session. In less than 24 hours, the governor had vetoed that bill in full, showing a total disregard for human life. Elections really do have consequences—sometimes even life-and-death consequences.”

As of the publication of this release, the text of the order was not available to the public.


Wisconsin Family Action is a statewide organization engaged in strengthening, preserving and promoting marriage, family, life and religious freedom in Wisconsin.

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