“So, you’ve blown your stack. You admit it. You confess your wrongness to all involved parties. You apologize, asking forgiveness. And you resolve to not be that way again, to not do it again. But there’s the problem. The resolve of our own nature will fail. We need supernatural enablement for change. Overcoming anger requires something humanly impossible, something supernatural. The good news is that Jesus came to make it possible for all kinds of people—including angry parents—to be changed into people who yield their expectations to God in service to others, specifically their children.”

Click HERE to read “7 Tips for Keeping Your Cool When Kids Misbehave.”

WFA president Julaine Appling adds, “Good parenting means thinking through and planning ahead in order to respond in a godly manner to situations that try a mom’s or dad’s patience. We know discipline done in raw anger doesn’t model godliness to children; but discipline done under the control of the Holy Spirit speaks volumes to kids about the God we want them to come to know, love and serve.”

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