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“Planned Parenthood recently released a book on sex, targeted at adolescents. “In case you’re curious: Questions about sex from young people with answers from the experts” was dedicated by Planned Parenthood to “the next generation, the youth of today.”

“Planned Parenthood writes, “The term ‘virgin’ means different things to different people… it is up to each person to define what virginity means for themselves.”

“Under the chapter on pregnancy, Planned Parenthood tells young readers about abortion as one of its pregnancy options. ‘Abortions can be done safely by getting a prescription for medication to end the pregnancy,’ PP writes, ‘or by having a doctor end the pregnancy at a clinic,’ they advise.”

Read more HERE. (Caution: This article contains extremely explicit language)

Be diligent in knowing what books your children are reading.
Find out if this book is available in your local library or school.
Be a friend! Share this email with everyone you know so they are made aware of the dangerous content of this book and the possibility it may fall into the hands of their children or others they know.

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