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Why Our Daughters Should *not* be Drafted

BY SISI ROOSE On July 21 the Senate Armed Services Committee approved legislation that we consider unacceptable because it would amend the Military Selective Service Act (MSSA) to require young women to register with Selective Service for a possible future draft. We believe this legislation is not only unacceptable but also unnecessary for three reasons. […]

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Four Resources for Responding to Employers Mandating the COVID Vaccine (or making it a condition of employment)

*Updated September 20, 2021 As the COVID numbers seem to be rising and government, business and employers respond, we have received more and more inquiries from people whose jobs are at least potentially being impacted by COVID vaccine mandates. Below represents the best knowledge and resource recommendations we have at this time regarding employers and […]

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LEAD Wisconsin 2021: One of the Best Weeks of the Year

LEAD Wisconsin was a dream carried in Julaine Appling’s heart for well over a decade. As she poured her heart and soul into defending God’s plan for marriage, family, life and religious freedom in Wisconsin through WFA and WFC, she knew it was her God-given responsibility to someday intentionally equip the next generation to do […]

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Protecting Children from Sexually Explicit Content at School

Earlier this week, Chrissy Clark, writing for DailyWire reported, “Students in a Wisconsin school district have access to a slew of ‘sexually explicit’ books via their school-provided computers, including content that dubs traditional views of marriage as ‘ignorant.’” The article goes on to explain that this content teaches children, as young as third grade, how to use sex […]

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AT THE CAPITOL: 4 Bills Protecting God’s Plan for Families in Wisconsin

Yesterday, Wisconsin Family Action’s Legislative Team, Julaine Appling and Micah Pearce, spent the day attending 3 different hearings in the capitol. Julaine provided testimony on four different bills in those hearings. AB 195/SB 323 and AB 196/SB 322: These bills are the Protect Women’s Sports bills. The bills stop biological males from participating in girls’/women’s sports. AB 195/SB 323 […]

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Wisconsin’s Policy on the FDA-approved Abortion Pill

Last week the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that the first chemical abortion pill can be prescribed via telehealth. This means that a pregnant woman can access an abortion-inducing drug without seeing a medical professional in-person and undergo this dangerous, life-taking procedure without a physician present. In many states, including Wisconsin, chemical abortions must take place with […]

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Do You Know the Truth about Marijuana?

Virginia recently became the first southern state to legalize recreational marijuana. Under this law an individual is permitted to have up to one ounce of marijuana in their possession, which is the equivalent of forty or eighty joints. Each household can have up to four cannabis plants. You can read more HERE. In response to this news […]

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Why It’s Important to Talk to Your Kids About the Transgender Issue

“The Arkansas legislature has overridden Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s veto of legislation that would prohibit ‘sex-reassignment’ surgery or hormone treatment to minors afflicted with gender confusion, moving swiftly after the governor’s rejection of the law.” You can read more HERE. In response to this news, Julaine Appling, President of Wisconsin Family Council, commented, “It’s sad we need legislation […]

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Wisconsin Family Action PAC Congratulates Winning Endorsed Candidates

Madison, WI – Wisconsin Family Action PAC (WFA PAC), the state’s only conservative pro-family PAC, endorsed Judge Shelley Grogan for Wisconsin Court of Appeals District II, John Jagler for State Senate District 13, and Elijah Behnke for State Assembly District 89, prior to yesterday’s Spring Nonpartisan General Election. Each of these candidates prevailed in his/her […]

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BREAKING: WI Supreme Court Strikes Down Ever’s Mask Mandate; WFA Applauds Decision

On Wednesday, March 31, 2021, the Wisconsin Supreme Court struck down Governor Tony Ever’s illegal mask mandate. “The 4-3 ruling was issued in a 78-page decision Wednesday morning. Republican lawmakers filed suit in October on the mandate. They said the governor did not have the authority to extend the state’s public health emergency beyond 60 […]

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