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Wisconsin Family Action Joins Pro-Life Organizations To Tell Milwaukee County and Dane County District Attorneys To Do Their Job

MADISON – Today, Wisconsin Family Action participated in a press conference that called on Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm and Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne to do their job and enforce the law that protects Wisconsin’s future by...

Parents Must Prioritize Worldview Development

Speaking recently at Family Research Council’s Pray Vote Stand event, researcher George Barna attributed our societal problems to a transition from a biblical worldview to alternative philosophies. Christian post reports that Barna contends parents err in prioritizing...

Wisconsin Family Action Responds to PPWI Resuming Abortions

Today Planned Parenthood announced that it will resume performing abortions at its Madison and Milwaukee clinics next week despite the fact that Wisconsin’s abortion ban is still in effect. This is devastating news for innocent preborn children and Wisconsin mothers...

The Multiplied Power of One Works

Last spring, the Town of Hayward used an obscure state law to hold its annual meeting without public notice. At the meeting, three resolutions were passed, including a $15 million building project and reorganization of the town board. This came despite the fact that...

“Earthquake” Rocks WI

On Wednesday, August 1, Wisconsin experienced an earthquake. Did you feel it? No Richter scale picked up its magnitude, but the impact was felt all across the state, from large cities to small towns. While no buildings were toppled, in fact no property damage was...

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