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Bills of Interest


AB 48  commonly referred to as the “Blue Lives Matter” bill. Adds crimes against members of law enforcement to existing hate crimes statutes. Hearing held in Assembly. On 6/8/17, Assembly Committee voted in support of the bill and referred it for a vote in the full Assembly. No Senate version of the bill is currently introduced.  WFA opposes this bill on the grounds that trying to add something good to a bad law, doesn’t make the bad law good and the bill is far more symbolic than substantive.

AB 64 – Budget bill – currently at a standstill as Republican-controlled Senate and Assembly have major disagreements over at least 2 key areas of spending: K12 education and transportation. WFA has weighed in on several budget provisions, including funding a PR campaign to promote the Success Sequence (finish school, get a job, marry and then have kids), an amendment that gives Christian/Bible camps the same amount of tax exempt property as all other camps in Wisconsin. 

AB 128/SB 81 – companion bills that prohibit taxpayer funding of abortions for state employees (related to state health insurance programs). Assembly committee has held a public hearing on the bill and voted in favor of it going to the full Assembly. The Senate has taken no action on the bill. WFA supports the bill and testified in the Assembly hearing in support of it.

AB 186 – “Decriminalization of child prostitution” bill.  Authored by Republicans with significant Democrat support.  Doesn’t “legalize” child prostitution, but does prohibit their being charged with any crime. There is no Senate version of the bill, and the Assembly committee has not taken any action on the bill. WFA has serious questions about this bill. We are working with DOJ to make sure this bill actually helps kids and doesn’t end up hurting them.

AB 206/SB154 – companion bills that stop the cozy relationship that currently exists allowing UW Medical School employees to perform abortions at Madison Planned Parenthood. No hearing has been scheduled in either the Assembly or the Senate. WFA supports the bill.

AB 208/SB 157 – extends existing $5000 tax deduction to Wisconsin families who finalize adoptions in another state or country, but bring the child to live in Wisconsin. Assembly committee held a public hearing on the bill. No action on the Senate side. WFA supports the bill and testified in the Assembly hearing.

AB 300 & AB 304 – AB 300 requires that parents receive notice of all federal, state and local mandated tests their children will be expected to take. AB 304 allows parents to opt their children out of any federal or state mandated test or any local assessment, as long as the test is not required for high-school graduation (e.g., civics test).  A hearing has been held on both bills in the Assembly. No action in the Senate. WFA attended the Assembly hearing and registered in support of both bills.
Heal Without Harm Initiative – The first bill in this two-bill package, LRB 1754, bans the sale and use of the body parts of aborted babies and requires that following an abortion, the abortionist provide proper “final disposition” of the remains of the baby, through either interment, inurnment, or entombment. The second bill, LRB 1755, requires that a health-care facility inform parents who have suffered a miscarriage or stillbirth that they can voluntarily donate their baby’s body for research. There is no compulsion or coercion, simply information provided about the opportunity.  The bills are not yet available on line because they have not been assigned to a committee or given a number, eventhough the Senate author, Terry Moulton (R-Chippewa Falls) sent them to the Senate President, Roger Roth (R-Appleton), for introduction over a month ago. WFA fully supports both of these bills and is a member of the Heal Without Harm Coalition.