Frequently asked questions on Wisconsin Family Action’s Domestic Partnership Registry legal challenge, updated June 25, 2013


2021-2022 Legislative Scorecard

Wisconsin Family Action (WFA) is pleased to present its 2021-2022 Legislative Scorecard. This Scorecard covers the two-year legislative session our state legislators recently concluded, running from January 2021 through this past spring. This publication is a compilation of significant floor votes and committee votes on a cross section of legislative proposals dealing in some way with marriage, family, the sanctity of human life, or religious freedom.

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Support Assembly Bill 970 to expand school choice

The Assembly Committee on Education held a hearing on Assembly Bill 970 Wednesday. The bill would essentially provide universal school choice here in The Badger State.  WFA has been a vocal proponent of school choice over the years. We were thrilled when Gov. Scott Walker and the Republican-led state legislature expanded the Parental Choice Program […]

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SB 250: Concerns, Why WFA Opposes

Senate Bill 250 is making some headlines in Wisconsin with some very enthusiastic supporters, but a significant level of caution is warranted for this piece of legislation.  SB 250 (and its Assembly companion AB 244) seeks to radically alter the election process for members of Congress and U.S. Senators in Wisconsin. It would ultimately make […]

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