As I write this, many of my conservative Christian colleagues from around the country2016-Election.gif are in New York City attending a meeting billed as a “conversation” with Donald Trump. Perhaps you’ve heard about this “conversation.” It’s been talked about a fair amount in the media of late.

The “conversation” was initiated by a number of national Christian leaders, including James Dobson, Tony Perkins, Bob Vander Plaats, Phil Buress, and others.  Donald Trump agreed to attend.  If the reports I’ve received from those attending are accurate, about 700 conservative Christian leaders are there.

Perhaps you’ve wondered if I or anyone from Wisconsin Family Action (WFA) or Wisconsin Family Council (WFC) is in NYC today and if we are why you haven’t heard from us about this “historic” meeting and if we’re not there, why we aren’t attending. Those are legitimate questions. First, know that we were invited—by at least 3 of the organizing groups and by individual sponsors.  So our absence has nothing to do with our not being invited.

I made the decision to not attend based on 2 primary considerations.

1) This has been an extraordinarily challenging year financially for WFA and WFC.  I did not believe it was good stewardship on our part to use the limited resources God has provided to pay to travel to/from and stay in the most expensive city in the country for a trip that was not essential.

2) Others representing our views are attending the meeting. I checked with numerous of my peers in the Family Policy Council network who said they would be there. I trust them; I know we are in agreement on the issues of greatest importance to us:  marriage, family, life and religious freedom.  Our attendance in person would add nothing significant to the discussion. I am also assured of being part of debriefing teleconferences within a day or two of the meeting. I’m confident I will learn all I need to know from these calls.  And we will share with you whatever we can from what we learn.

Our absence is not intended to convey anything other than the above realities and considerations.

Our Election Focus

You can be sure we are constantly monitoring all things related to the fall election—from the presidential race down.  However, we believe the most important thing we can do right now is to “own” our state elections.  This fall all 99 seats in our State Assembly and one-half of our 33 State Senate (even-numbered districts) seats are up for election.

We have plenty of work ahead of us to ensure truly conservative people win these races.  Our desire is to have Wisconsin continue to pass policies that strengthen and protect traditional families, safeguard human life, and respect our religious freedom.

In addition to state-level offices, we have one of our WI US Senate seats on the ballot (incumbent Ron Johnson v. challenger Russ Feingold) along with all 8 of our US House of Representatives.  We need solid conservatives elected to these positions as well.

Regardless of what happens to the national ticket, we want to be positioned to make a difference right where we live—for the sake of you and your family.  As a result, we are urging all Wisconsin citizens to make your plans right now to vote; don’t stay home.  Your vote always matters—and it especially matters in these state-level races where fewer people are represented.

It Really Is All About You

Our work this election cycle, as it does every day of every year, depends directly on you as our valued partner.  Without your financial, prayer and volunteer support, we will face much tougher decisions than not attending a meeting in New York City.  Our election work is all about ensuring you, your family, your faith and your values are reflected in our state legislature and the laws that body enacts. 

If you believe in what we are doing for you and your family, would you be willing to pledge to invest financially each month between now and November?  Having some idea of what we can expect financially between now and the election will significantly help us as we firm up our strategic election plans.

Please click HERE to make a six-month pledge to either WFA or WFC for our Your Vote Matters 2016 election work.

We are honored to work on your behalf.  Thank you for standing with us and for standing for marriage, family, life and religious freedom. Together we really can make a difference in the fall election right here in The Badger State.

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