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UPDATE 4/27/2016: The Madison-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) has jumped into the fray offering free pizza to counter the Christian “Jesus Lunch.” Taking things one unnecessary step further, FFRF is offering pizza during the off-campus event to apparently lure students away from the Christian message and lunch offerings.


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It appears the Middleton-Cross Plains, WI, School District is not taking favorably to a free lunch provided by local moms at a public park next to the local high school. Since its inception, the “Jesus Lunch” has grown from just a small gathering of mothers with their children to hundreds of participants.  Middleton School District states the gathering is “in violation of school policy,” cited “food safety” issues, and the need to “register” at the school office as “visitors” as the purported violations.

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From the “Jesus Lunch” petition page:

Jesus Lunch is a group of Middleton High School (MHS) students that meet 8 weeks in the spring and 8 weeks in the fall at Fireman’s Park on Lee Street in Middleton, WI. Moms of some students provide lunches and have a 3-minute discussion about something Biblical. Students may choose to listen or not listen to the message and all attendance is entirely voluntary.

The “Jesus Lunch” organizers continue to meet at Fireman’s park, have obtained an attorney, and have an online petition that anyone may sign in support of their efforts to continue to provide food for the body and soul free of charge for students during their lunch breaks.

Watch this video from EAGnews HERE that shows school district officials blocking off the park to the lunch group.

You may find the petition HERE, which has nearly 2500 signatures to date.

Comments on WFA’s Facebook page include:

This is a fantastic once-a-week opportunity for students and teachers to get some fresh air and fellowship away from the school buildings. Has either the principal and superintendent even attended the lunch? – Joan M.

Can’t believe this is even an issue! I only wish there was a Jesus Lunch near our HS. – Kim B.

It is voluntary, not on school property, not during instructional class time. So…what exactly is the problem? No one has committed any crime. No laws were broken! This is a positive activity that should definitely continue! – Rachel M.

I fail to understand how those who for years have cried for tolerance for all, now have tolerance for none except their own cause. – Donna R.

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