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By Debra Macleod, author and couples’ mediator:

“As a former divorce mediator, and current couples and family mediator, I have heard every excuse that parents use to feel better about breaking up their family. In this article, I’ve outlined several of the most common lies that you might be telling yourself if you’re considering divorce.”


  • My kids want me to be happy.
  • My kids will be better off.
  • My next marriage will be better.
  • Kids are resilient and will adapt to the new situation.


Julaine Appling, WFA president, agrees with the author in that these are, indeed, lies, “In these final days of our month-long emphasis on marriage, talking about divorce—and especially its effect on children—is, sadly, imperative. Even in the best of circumstances, divorce is hard on kids, both immediately and even years later. If there are minor children in the home, their well-being needs to be paramount as the dad and mom consider ending their marriage.”


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