Lies and Deception – Liberals Will Say and Do Anything to Win an Election

Certainly, you’ve seen the ads inpugning Justice Dan Kelly’s integrity and character.  Don’t believe them – below is the truth about what the liberal ads are claiming:

Justice Kelly does not discuss his views on abortion. He has said if a case on that subject comes before
the Supreme Court, he would analyze it as he does all cases — he would apply the applicable laws, as
written, to the extent they are consistent with the state and federal constitutions. As a justice, he sets
aside whatever his personal opinions might be and focuses solely on the job of applying the law, not
changing it to fit his personal views. Changing law is the job of the state legislature.

Justice Kelly was never on the payroll of Wisconsin Right to Life. Furthermore, as a justice, he
sets aside his personal opinions and works to apply the law as written.

Justice Kelly was hired by the RPW and RNC as a special counsel in August of 2020-before the
November election. He was hired to advise on the ins and outs of all Wisconsin election law when needed
and not just on so-called “election integrity” law issues. Justice Kelly was not only not at the center of any
alternate elector plan, he had no knowledge of such a plan outside of one requested thirty-minute phone
call on the subject. As congressional testimony has established,
he was “not in the loop” on any such


In 2019. while a candidate for the Wisconsin Supreme Court for the Spring 2020 election,  Justice Kelly recused himself from a case involving the possible purging of some 200,000 names from the voter rolls in Wisconsin. Justice Kelly recused himself because the possible purging could have affected the outcome of the April 2020  election. Justice Kelly lost in that election and subsequently informed the court that he would “un-recuse” since his reason for recusing was no longer pertinent. His 2023 opponent has tried to link campaign funds that he received from a pro-life family involved with the lawsuit to his reversing course on recusal. The campaign was done and over; Justice Kelly lost. Getting involved with the case once the issue requiring recusal was done was part of Justice Kelly’s responsibility as he finished his term of office on the high court. He should be applauded for his keen sense of duty, not maligned by those seeking to destroy him and his reputation by continually lying about him and his record.

In the first law firm at which Daniel Kelly worked, Mr. Kelly was briefly assigned to handle
pre-trial duties in the Spaulding cases. He did no further work in defense of the accused and moved on
from the law firm before the case went to trial. He did not represent or defend them at trial.