gay_pride_logoJune has become the month in which homosexuality is celebrated in America. June of 1969 commemorates the Stonewall riots in Manhattan which became a tipping point for homosexual activists. Wisconsin democrats have authored a joint resolution asking the state legislature to official recognize June as LGBT Pride Month. This weekend Milwaukee will host the state’s largest LGBT PrideFest complete with a parade on Sunday.

Places you may want to steer your family clear of: 

Henry Maier Festival Park (this is where all the “action” will take place) for PrideFest

Downtown Milwaukee (shuttles, inappropriate behavior, lewd sights)

PrideFest parade AREA (Parade takes place June 7 at 2 p.m., 2nd Street from Lapham to Oregon)

Currently no participants registered for the parade; there are four sponsors (Miller, Avant-Garde (needle mfg. company), Gazette, and Quest.

Julaine Appling, president of Wisconsin Family Action, says, “First, I’m hoping that the joint resolution goes absolutely nowhere in our state legislature. But at least as important is warning parents who might be planning a trip to Milwaukee this weekend. I’d steer clear. These PrideFests, while often targeting children, are not innocent, family-friendly events. They are way too frequently blatant displays of lewdness and immorality.”

Units in the parade last year were from:

  • 97.3 Radio NOW
  • Planned Parenthood of WI
  • Milwaukee LGBT Community Center
  • Great Lakes Distillery
  • Ricardo Correa Scholarship Foundation
  • Milwaukee Jewish Federation
  • The Galano Club of Milwaukee
  • Northern Lakes Gianist Free Church
  • Jefferson Crest
  • Village Church
  • 16th Street Community Health Centers
  • Adoration Lutheran Church
  • Pathfinders
  • Holton St. Clinic / STD Specialties Clinic
  • Unitarian Universalist Church of the Lakes
  • This is It
  • Brewcity Bruisers Milwaukee Roller Girls & Milwaukee Bitldkrieg Rollerderby
  • FM 102.1
  • B93.3
  • FAST Biking 4 Change
  • Milwaukee MEtropolitan Community Church
  • Friends of MADACC
  • Hot Water / Wherehouse Nightclub
  • 9 to 5 Wisconsin
  • Walker’s Pint
  • V 100.7
  • 99.1 The Mix
  • Wells Fargo
  • Pink Banana Theatre Co.
  • BMO Harris
  • Fair Wisconsin
  • Marcia’s Second Time Around
  • Milwaukee Gay Volleyball Association
  • D.I.X.
  • Fat Daddy’s
  • Northwester Mutual LGBTA Employee Resource Group
  • Sensual Daydreams / Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Rainbow Over Wisconsin
  • Florentine Opera Company
  • Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department
  • Brew City Bully Club
  • Red Star Cocktail Club
  • Milwaukee Fire Department
  • Milwaukee Area Ursine League (M.A.U.L.)
  • ACLU of Wisconsin
  • Paws 4 Pride
  • Saving Sadie
  • Gravity Marketing LLC / RAIL HALL
  • BestD Clinic
  • Club ICON
  • G-Daddy’s BBC
  • Jon Richards for Attorney General
  • Intact
  • Argonauts of Wisconsin
  • Forward with JoCasta
  • Olydia’s Bar and Grill
  • Milwaukee LGBT Film/Video Festival
  • Wisconsin Power Exchange
  • LaCage
  • Pridefest
  • LGBT Center of South East Wisconsin / Brew City Sisters\
  • Wisconsin USofA Pageantry

WARNING — Youth are specifically being targeted:

pridefest youth plus one targeting


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