We hope you enjoyed a wonderful Father’s Day weekend celebrating all of the seasoned, new and even soon-to-be fathers in your life. Fatherhood is a wonderful blessing not only to the family, but to the father himself. We know parenthood forces individuals to grow, change, and sacrifice their own wants and desires in pursuit of their child’s wellbeing and happiness over the course of many years. That sacrifice should be honored and praised by their children, as well as their spouses.

Fathers are tasked with many weighty responsibilities – the spiritual upbringing of their children, their physical safety, and being a role model to their kids. Knowing this, many fathers choose to become the role model they want for their children. Like marriage, parenthood offers the opportunity and motivation for self-betterment. We are incredibly thankful for the fathers who take up that calling and become the best version of themselves – the version God wants them to be – to raise their children in the ways of the Lord. These fathers (and mothers!) are contributing to the next generation of faithful leaders in our communities.

Last week, several of you chose to participate in our Flash Match in honor of your fathers, and shared a few special memories along with your donation:

  • “My dad passed away in December so this will be our first Father’s Day without him. He was a great role model as both a dad and a husband. He and my mom had just celebrated their 68th wedding anniversary before he received his Heavenly crown!”
  • “I’m thankful my dad was always a part of me and my brothers’ lives even though our parents were divorced. He was always there to pick us up on weekends. I will never forget everything he did for us and will always cherish the memories of our road trips and our time together. We miss you dearly pops. You are my hero and always will be. I hope you’re having a great time in heaven with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the rest of the fam and friends. Till we meet again. Much love, your son, Joshua.”

Dads are irreplaceable. Their efforts to become better men do not go unnoticed by their children. We hope all you fathers take this as an encouragement to press into the Word of God and find out who He wants you to be in your family.

If you’re thankful for your dad and his role in your life, please consider donating to our flash match campaign as a way to give public honor to the man who raised you. Your contributions allow us to continue promoting Biblical fatherhood in our communities, helping ensure Wisconsin’s future is filled with children who were raised in healthy homes.

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